Article: CMON Shop Update: Some Kingdom Death fix?
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Thread: Article: CMON Shop Update: Some Kingdom Death fix?

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    Default Article: CMON Shop Update: Some Kingdom Death fix?

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    Always a problem getting these miniatures. Then again there are scum that buy them up and then put them up on Ebay for 3 times the value..

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    Fully agree, Someones are taking advantge from this situation, only when Kingdom Death decides produce a quantity which covers demand this story ends. At the end all Kingdom foollowers are going to give's a real mess...

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    Yes indeed, getting these is extremely difficult and demand is extremely high. I hope one day I will be able to buy one, I seem to miss the restocks every time...

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    Blame the increased awareness due to the recent kickstarter. His stuff has always been scarce, but not impossible to get (outside of a few limited runs). But what with the KS ending a mere 8 days ago, all those pledgers are running around scooping up what they can to get some KD minis, since the project isn't due to ship until November.
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