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    I've started this 2013 receiving several commission requests. Most of them involving video games characters conversions, so thought it would be a good idea to group them into a single specific WIP thread.

    So, one of them is to make Arthas, the Lich King (Warcraft)

    Based on a slightly resembling Reaper figure, Talarand the Black Guard

    Once I got the miniature, removed the mould lines and took off the head with a jewelry saw. Then added some volume to the breastplates, and made a new head using greenstuff:

    I swapped the original sword by Mangu Timur's weapon (another miniature from Reaper range), and started modifying the overall shape of the cloak.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    At the same time, there's another conversion project. Bigger and more complex, consists of making a set of seven characters from Diablo III for a board game:

    1) Barbarian

    2) Witch Doctor

    3) Necromancer

    4) Tyrael

    5) Tyrael again, in human form

    6) Imperius

    7) Auriel

    I started with the Witch Doctor. The base figure is a Zulu Warrior, also from Reaper. Cut off the face with the saw, and added some putty volume on which I would make the mask. Also changed the fur loincloth for a fabric one.

    Once it cured, I proceeded to model the mask.

    As you may notice, I had to use a cut to shape aluminium sheet, to provide a rigid structure on which I modeled the feathers.
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    Quick update,

    I have been working on the head mainly. Also added some spikes on the sword's guard, and began to integrate the cape folds done in putty with the figure's surface.

    On the Diablo crew, started the Imperius conversion. The commissioner's choice for the base miniature is Duke Gerard, from Reaper:

    As he likes the posture, and the armor is somehow similar. So, I first removed the head an some insignia on the armor with the jewelry saw. Then replaced the missing volumes with putty.

    Then applied some more to build the loincloth plates, beltbuckle and chestplate. The figure had a sword hanging in its back, I had to remove it with a milling cutter. Ah, the joys of metal chips everywhere.

    The helmet is still looking soft and ugly, but taking shape from basic volumes to add details and hard edges later.

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    Some good stuff, esp love the witch doc

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    Ditto. Love the head mask.
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    Nice conversions, cool projects to take on.

    cassar [demigod] |ˈdemēˌgäd|
    noun ( fem. demigoddess |ˈdemēˌgädis| )
    a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.
    • a person who is greatly admired or feared.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: translating Latin semideus .

    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Great work so far. Love the feathers on the mask.

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    made a little more of the Doctor; the staff, dagger and a carcaj:

    there's a backview shot where the aluminium sheet I previously mentioned can be seen.

    Also been working on Imperius helmet

    Adding some smalls pieces of greenstuff and shaping each one to look like metal plates.

    And started the human Tyrael. The client wanted this character to be converted from Kale Nolan, another great figure from Reaper's range.

    So, I had to remove some armor plates with the milling cutter, and replace them by new ones, according to the reference images

    To shave the head I used some jewelry files, and finished it with a sanding sponge to smooth the surface. Shiny!

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    This is some crazy-cool stuff. Another thread to watch! Out of curiosity, what tool/s do you use to shape details on the greenstuff?

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    Thanks Sionid. Well, I have a set of steel tools

    which tend to be larger than required for 32mm scale purposes. So the 7th one is far more used than the others. These should be used with mineral oil, to prevent sticking to the piece.

    Also have a set of rubber clayshapers

    Again, a bit on the largish side but great to smooth surfaces and erase hard traces left by hard tools.

    But my top three tools would be:

    3) a toothbrush rubber tip (attached to a proper handle of course). It's a small tip, made of a kind of rubber harder than clayshapers

    2) a pin or needle attached to the tip of an old, hairless brush

    1) a toothpick. It's an amazing, versatile and underrated tool. Just take a look at this video of Allan Carrasco and you'll get the idea.

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    Great work, will follow this thread with intrest. Not that I sculpt myself but always nice to watch good people doing stuff.


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    The client of the Arthas conversion pointed out that the forearm looks way too long. So I cut it off and started modeling a new one.

    Meanwhile, back to the Diablo bunch, some progress on the human Tyrael

    And Imperius too

    I removed the feet, and added some volume shaping what will be the new shouldepads. Also, coming out of his back, there are the pieces that will eventually be the origin of of the wings.

    And finally, I started the archangel Tyrael conversion. The client wants something very similar to a work I did three years ago. It was a conversion of the same character, using the same figure as the base: Almaran, also from Reaper range.

    Except for the sword. That previous commission was based on Diablo II, where the sword was quite similar to that of the miniature:

    Only had to swap the cross-guard. This time, the Diablo III references features major changes in the look of the weapon:

    So I'll have to build that piece from scratch.

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    Long time no post... time to catch up!

    - Arthas

    The overall posture looked a little awkward, so I've been trying some changes in the position of the right arm and head.

    - Barbarian

    This one is a fairly simple conversion, since the base miniature (from AoW) is very similar to the character I'm after. The new head is made from a plastic fire mage, a plastic braid from some other kit and some extra beard with greenstuff.

    - Witch Doctor

    Some more details added here and there, such as the kneepads. I had that base in my box, don't remember the manufacturer right now, but since the customer was looking for something jungle-like for the scene, that one came in handy.

    - Human Tyrael

    A bit more progress in the costume, also started working on the cape. To do so, I cut an alluminium sheet and bent it in shape. It's quite easy to do, as long as the sheet thickness is less than 1 mm can be cut with scissors.
    Then, added some putty on it to model the folds.

    - Imperius

    Sculpted the feet, as if he's floating, and modified the head's angle (he was looking a bit up). I also started to build the spear, using some copper round wire (1,5 mm diameter), and added some details to the surface of the shoulderpads.

    - Tyrael

    First thing, I had to clean the base figure removing some unnecessary parts. With a jewelry saw I cut off the head, sword and two ribbons he had in his back. Then the modelling work begins. To sculpt the left forearm, I pinned a wired to the left elbow and added some putty in several layers; first attempting to achieve the general volume and shape.
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    Very nice. Really liking the witch doctor.

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    Woohooo!!! Long time no post... again.

    The birth of my first son and some health issues he went through kept me really busy these last few months.

    So, I completed the face of Arthas and added some spikes on his shoulderpads:

    To do so, I attached a piece of 2mm round wire to the tip of the mini-drill (as if the wire were a drill bit). Then, while it's on and spinning, push it against a jewelry file, or a piece of sandpaper, controlling the desired angle, just like sharpening a pencil -Make sure the wire piece is not longer than 1inch or so, else an accident may occur if it bends while spinning-

    The barbarian was almost done already, just added some more hair to the sides of the head:

    As for the human Tyrael, some details on the cape and the brooch / round armor pad

    Rebuilt the back cloak of Imperius after the cutting mill disaster, and made some progress on the forearms and some armor surface details

    Tyrael got some armor plates as well

    And, finally for today, started two remaining characters: Necromancer and Auriel:

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    Some great conversions
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    Agree realy nice
    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Love watching your threads as you do some really nice sculpting !
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    As I was saying earlier, the new version of Tyrael's sword looks nothing like any of the available swords in my box of bits.

    So it's time to leave the putty for a while and do some real metal work!

    First step is to gather as much information as possible about the weapons. In this case, I'll have to make two identical swords (one to Archangel Tyrael and another to its human form), a spear to Imperius and a slightly different sword to Auriel.

    I started off by making some blueprints in Illustrator:

    And printing them in the right scale

    This step can be done in any drawing software, hand drawn, depending on the desired accuracy and style.

    Next, I will stick the blueprints to a metal sheet. I decided to use aluminium and brass sheets, 1mm thick. This would be enough to shape the edges of the weapons.
    I have learned that instead of stick the paper straight to the sheet, it is a good idea to first cover the metal with masking tape, and then glue the paper over it. So the paper will not peel off while cutting, and can be removed easily when the shape is cut off.
    To cut the metal, I use a jewelry saw, a simple yet magnificent tool from my jeweler days:

    I cut some extra swords, to pick the better ones. Also, shaped the edges with some jewelry files:

    Once the blades are done, the swords are completed with greenstuff and thin copper wire:

    Weapons are attached to the figures, and that's it for today!

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