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    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone can point me to who I can contact about misspacks/missing parts?

    I've been breaking down my order and I find I am missing a ton of Vanguard arms from both the core game and the extra models. Specifically I have only 5 arms from the core set and 4 from the extra models for the run of the mill Vanguard models (the 1 male and 2 female sculpts) and I have a total of 14 of these models. In addition, the arms I received only seem to fit the male model and don't even come close to looking correct on the female models.

    Whats going on with this? Has anyone else seen these issues or am I just missing something?

    Thank you,
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    Never mind, I found the answers via a comment from another backer on the Kickstarter after posting there.

    The problem is there is no fine grain parts list posted by CMON or provided in the box and due to the way the bags are broken up, its not obvious how the arms break down and what goes with what. After searching the net for a while I found nothing. But the Kickstarter commenter provided this link:

    Its a rough break down of what comes in each bag, but it was enough to puzzle together all the arms matchings and confirm that everything was as it should be.

    Also the assembly guide forum on Studio McVay has 3 of the 5 bags contents displayed:

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    Please refer any customer service issues with CMON ran kickstarters to


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