What's your oldest mini?
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Thread: What's your oldest mini?

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    Default What's your oldest mini?

    I thought I’d start another fun thread…

    I started painting minis in High school, back in the early ‘80’s.
    My first ever mini was an Asgard lizard-cyclops thing (that I would love to have again, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever see another one).

    But the oldest mini I actually still have was from that time period, a Citadel Broo in Chainmail.
    Not my finest work, but at least it wasn't like the ones some guy used to bring into the store to show off, seriously it looked like he sat 12 feet away and painted with brushes stuck to the ends of billiard cues, he was so proud too!

    I never paint humans, ever, I just don’t see the point, so that Broo is about the only man-sized mini I have, and I use him as a scale reference to this day.

    I’ll upload a picie soon, but…

    What’s the oldest mini still in your possession?

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    Hmm, either the Rogue Trader era marines, or possibly the Grenadier monster box.
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    Sadly, I grew up in an area devoid of game stores. I think the nearest was probably 250 miles away. We'd heard about D&D, but had no idea how to get our hands on the goods, much less minis.

    So, Reaper's Learn To Paint Kits from 2006 are the oldest purchase I have.

    That said, hit a doll house store (of all places!) and picked up a lot of old miniatures. Two of the flats I painted and put up in my gallery. Just did a Google search for them, and came up blank, but did find a lioness, elephant, and grass hut. They were all similar style bases, so I wonder now if it was a box set from long ago.
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    Heroquest stuff around 1987

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    some Grenadier skellies i bought when i was a kid. still love those minis.

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    The first minis I ever owned were the ones from heroquest, but I sadly no longer have em. The oldest mini I own is an RT Eldar with a missile launcher. Still haven't painted it ]

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    Hmmm... interesting question. My first figures were a box of random Ral Partha minis my dad brought home from a garage sale for me to paint. I remember working on a couple goblins (green with gold armor), a wyvern, and a skeletal giant. There were plenty more but those are all I can remember.

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    Unfortunately these are all long gone. I tend to recycle all my gaming miniatures every 10 years or so and find them new homes. The oldest painted figures I still have are some Rackham from the early 2000's. I've got some dwarves, a couple wolfen, and some clones of dirz.
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    Back then I thought this was really good! Now I've stripped a couple and have started to repaint them.
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    And, in terms of the figures age, the oldest ones I have are a couple Series 77 historical figures my dad gave me from his collection a couple years ago. These date back to the 70's, so they're about 5-10 years older than I am.

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    Sold most of my old minis a while back but i kept 2. A Citadel female wood-elf wardancer from 1987 and this dude (pic from SoLegends)

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    Not strictly minis but the oldest metal fantasy miniatures I have were bought around '78 or '79. My oldest true minis I think date from the late '80s or maybe just into the '90s.

    Thread on the same topic from 2008 for a further trip down memory late:


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    I started buying minis in 1980, but I don't have any of those any more. I think my first was a Grenadier boxed set of adventurers.

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    I blame Heroquest for my miniature gaming habit. My first ever painted mini was either an orc or zombie from that set, looking much like 10 Ball's pic above. Sadly they have disappeared into a storage locker warp.

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    Oldest mini I still have I bought back round 1967 and is a Hinchcliffe Mounted Samurai. (Yep its lead!)
    Prior to that I did have a large amount of British horse artillery pieces by Hinchcliffe all 1/72 scale.

    Oldest pieces still flitting around in the painting room include a 100mm Royal Horse Artillery Officer 1812, 75mm French Hussar, Conan the Barbarian taken from one of the book covers, and of course the ARAGORN in my Gallery all from the 1970's.

    Of the stuff I've bought since GW leeched onto my wallet the oldest has to be a river troll with net of fish on its back, bought in 86/7.
    But I was given some D&D stuff, by my ex boss which he played with as a kid, he just turned 40! Worst part is he was born on the day I left school!
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    Damn that's old Mike :P

    (Sorry - couldn't resist!)

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    Not sure which one's the oldest but I still think they're ace

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    Still NIB and untouched.

    I also had some D&D figures, but I don't know where they went. They were older than dirt.

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    I have a lot of old minis that a friend donated to me. I have since stripped them and they're lined up waiting for paint. The oldest ones I have that I can ID positively are Grenadier from the eighties, but there are some really old minis in that lot my friend gave me that I don't know the exact age of. The oldest I can still see the year imprint on is 1987 (Grenadier).

    EDIT: I bought my own first minis in the 80s also, so that's about right.
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    Have the original mini I bought in 1978 - and I have some of the old John Carter Warlord of Mars series from about that time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sand Rat View Post
    Have the original mini I bought in 1978 - and I have some of the old John Carter Warlord of Mars series from about that time
    I'd love to see those! Pics man!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomasP View Post
    Not sure which one's the oldest but I still think they're ace

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    Agreed! I have the hooded swordsman. He's absolutley tiny compared to modern lines. Is that other one a Balrog? Excellent sculpt!

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    If I can find them, the minis longest in my possesion are some Space Crusade pieces. It's what really got me into this hobby, but think I have a family history of gaming...

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