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Thread: What's your oldest mini?

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    Agreed! I have the hooded swordsman. He's absolutley tiny compared to modern lines. Is that other one a Balrog? Excellent sculpt!
    Back in the days when 25 mm minis were 25 mm tall, unlike today when 25 mm minis are 32 mm tall. *rolleyes*
    On the other hand you have different fingers.

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    Here are some amongst my oldest fantasy minis. Depending on the company making them the size difference is quite noticeable (especially the leftmost knight). If I recall well, they are from the early-80's. Painting was with enamel and/or oil paints, acrylics were barely showing up at that time.

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    A pair of Grenadier box sets Fighting Men - The Warriors, and Wizards - Masters of Sorcery.

    I was given those somewhere between '85-'87. Painted most of the Wizards set using 5-6 enamel paints. I still occasionally think of those unfortunate fellas and their need for a strip and repaint. Pretty neat models.
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    I have a Giant, Wizard, and A Tars Tarkas from Mars Mini from 1978, still use the Wizard, I have a set of RP Goblins from 1979 that we just used while playing Pathfinder the other day.

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