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    Really thinking of picking up Lord Death at some point soon. He is amazing, especially after seeing Martin paint him.

    Ok, so I have two pics to share right now. The first is the last WIP photo I have of Goliath. I loved this mini and have never had so much fun painting a miniature-EVER! He was given full copper armor, which was about to receive some verdigris and weathering. Unfortunately, a fell asleep on the couch and my puppy ate the miniature!!!! Two months of work on this masterpiece of a sculpt! I still have not fully recovered from this accident.

    The second photo is a WIP of Cannibal. This too has been a blast to paint, and it made the loss of Goliath a bit easier to swallow. Still very very sad though. I promise to repaint Goliath some day though. Anyway, thank you Stephan for all you do for us painters...
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    Thanks for the compliment !! sorry for your Goliath but he is like a Phoenix he comeback under your brushes!
    I work on a new companion for Goliath and Cannibal, Darius a brutal fighterwith shield and hallebard, i work too on the concept of the second horseman: WAR but i have much work with the Kickstarter of Conan and for Mierce so you must be patient!

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    So excited for the Hyborean Age Kickstarter!!! I looked at the Facebook page, and wow! Amazing sculpts there...this Kickstarter will be HUGE!! Your fellow sculptors are among the best in the business too! I am very excited and have been promoting it a lot here on CoolMini. For this of you that don't know, check out the pics on this thread that has been following the KS closely:

    i will be patiently waiting for both Darius and the next Horseman. Now that I know you are planning a new Horseman, I definitely will be getting Death. So many details in this sculpt!
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    What do you think of my Cannibal:

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    Default Darius!

    Great atmosphere on your Cannibal

    So Darius and all my range is available, more photos on my blog:

    Name:  Darius.jpg
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Size:  35.1 KB Name:  REDUIT2.jpg
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Size:  33.5 KB Name:  dariusgroup1.jpg
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    I love that spider dude.

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    Default FREYA, new miniature for my range SIMONMINIATURES

    Hi Guys , i show you the new miniature for my range FREYA, available now!35 mm at the eyes!
    Name:  2.jpg
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Size:  44.9 KBName:  Freya.jpg
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    Hi Guys, here are my new miniature, ABRAXAS, limited run of 500 exemplary, with numeroted and dedicaced card, two heads (helmet and nude head), hope you like!Send me a mail for informations:

    Name:  2bis.jpg
Views: 354
Size:  50.0 KBName:  3bis.jpg
Views: 353
Size:  53.1 KBName:  4bis.jpg
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Size:  56.6 KBName:  6bis.jpg
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    Is hapheastos for sale / caster as well.

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    Sorry Hephaistos is a miniature for the game Mythic Battle Pantheon

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    Default BELIUS the black, 70 mm, resin casting!

    Hi Guys! my last release, Belius the black, a chaotic giant, available on kickstarter now, with all my range and a mot of new works!

    Name:  imgserver (3).jpg
Views: 249
Size:  21.1 KBName:  TETE NUE.jpg
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    Name:  ANBRREDUI.jpg
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Size:  40.3 KBName:  BAALREDUI.jpg
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    Default News SIMONMINIATURES !!

    My kickstarter "the saga of Belius the black" always run

    Name:  Flesh eater redui.jpg
Views: 228
Size:  29.0 KBName:  abraxasredui.jpg
Views: 228
Size:  61.6 KBName:  LORELEIREDUI.jpg
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Size:  20.9 KBName:  JAKALREDUIT2.jpg
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Size:  25.1 KBName:  amok.jpg
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    Default Manawar

    LAST CHANCE TO HAVE BELIUS and his friends! MANAWAR is available!

    Name:  REDUI25.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  37.5 KBName:  REDUI28.jpg
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    Default Etzebeth !!new miniature for my range

    ETZEBETH is AVAILABLE! MORE PHOTOS and information here
    Name:  imgserver.jpg
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Size:  37.9 KBName:  imgserver (1).jpg
Views: 142
Size:  31.9 KBName:  imgserver (2).jpg
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Size:  33.2 KBName:  imgserver (3).jpg
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    Wow, everything looks nice on this collection.

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    Thanks!PM me or visit my facebook 's page for more information!

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    I'm happy to share you my new site for my range simonminiatures! Visit and look at photos and videos of all my range!

    Name:  imgserverLONG.jpg
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    Default Kickstarter THE LEGEND OF MINOS!

    Hi guys! i launch my second ks THE LEGEND OF MINOS! tomorrow JUNE 2, 2020, 8 PM

    http://Prelaunch page .https://www.k...egend-of-minos

    Name:  DSCN7025aa.jpg
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Size:  1.41 MBName:  DSCN7038a.jpg
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