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    Default Discover the Painting Pyramid Kickstarter!

    Hello to all!

    Well, most of you already know that painting keeps me pretty busy! I know that many of you also follow the blog each day, and listen to me ramble on endlessly about that painting!

    My loyal blog followers watched as I progressed towards my own Kickstarter, which went live last week! As you can imagine, it is all about painting. ;-)

    It is called the Painting Pyramid. The project is a series of videos demonstrating a number of techniques. Right now, there are 30 different techniques, from various fleshtones, color theory, all the way to basing your miniatures!

     photo inro4_zps54d046df.jpg

    Here is a link to the Kickstarter:

    Just about all the particulars and information can be found in the storyboard and announcements. Here's a quick review of how the videos are structured: They will be 100 minutes long, divided into 5 chapters, so that it is easier to follow along. The first chapter is always a discussion of materials (colors, brushes, etc), and what the goal is for that video. Then I get into the painting, followed by a conclusion/review. I will have text on the screen which will indicate what colors or brushes I am using. If necessary, I will even do a split screen or insert if that will help convey the information better.

    The digital versions of the videos will be hosted right here on Cool Mini!

    I hope that these will help painters who would like to discover new techniques... and explore the Painting Pyramid with me!

    You can also get a good idea of what many of the techniques are like by checking out the blog:

    I posted a few months worth of tutorials there as practice for this project! You can see a batch of those on the top bar, but you can also do a search using the search bar in the left hand column.

    At the moment, I am hoping to reach the next stretch goal level so that I can add ten more videos! These will include "how to" videos on these familiar faces...
     photo TakingflightBanner_zpsd1cc21c1.jpg

    Also, this set of stretch goal videos will demonstrate some terrain building techniques, such as this warp gate...
     photo 4_zpsbac0ddb4.jpg

    There is much to do, much to accomplish with the project!!

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    Man, this is way cool! Went to your blog for the first time and I love it! Thanks so much!!!!

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    Thanks! Much appreciated! :-)

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    I have been looking forward to this for a long time. It is a shame that I cannot afford to get the full line, but hopefully the dvds I select will be a huge help! Good luck, James.

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    Many thanks! The $20,000 stretch goals have been met! Time for more videos!!!

    Speaking of which, they will be available after the kickstarter if you can't get them all now :-)

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    OK! The new rewards and pledges have been added! People are already taking advantage of the "download only" pledge levels. Now there will be "how to" videos on painting the Great Birds of CMON!

    I have added videos of painting the Great Eagle, snowy owl, and osprey/eagle, among others.

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    Hey guys! A new stretch goal added, with all new videos!

    Plus, I just got word from Reaper miniatures, and they have given their approval to use their figures as subjects for painting videos! Yea! Now I can do the bone tutorial...

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    Hey folks!

    Here's a sample video that I did for the Rivet Wars Kickstarter!!

    It was very fun to shoot! My own videos will be about 40 minutes longer, with chapter breaks and text...

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    Only 8 days left!

    Here I am editing a second video for the Rivet Wars KS:

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    Nice to see you're getting the support this deserves. Glad the DVD's will be available separately though, I'm currently on the Rivet Wars KS and looking at having to buy a new boiler for the house so going to have to wait to get one :s

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    Yes, the idea was to create something that could last! Besides, there are more subjects to cover!

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    Only 48 hours left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello there,

    Just a quick question, you mentioned the vids will be available after the KS ends, will they be available as a download or just a 'physical' copy on DVD etc...


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    Both would be available. Mostly here on Cool Mini, but also from myself and a few other sources!

    Only 1 day left! Hard to believe!!!

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    Bummed I missed this whole thing, guess I need to check the news thread more often.

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    Any idea as to when the DVDs will be for sale here on cool mini or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uglybug View Post
    Bummed I missed this whole thing, guess I need to check the news thread more often.
    Ditto that.

    More to add to the 'want' list...
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