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Thread: Hurrah! Where are you from?

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    Awesome im in Norwich so we must meet for some games

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    Hi! I'm from Liège, Belgium

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    Wow, great to see so many different countries having interest in Rivet Wars! I'll have to catch up a bit on the comments here, as I've been busy launching my own kickstarter (just a book...nothing as exciting as cute/deadly miniatures)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogre_Parrot View Post
    I'm from Northern California, USA.
    Where in Northern California? If you don't mind my asking.

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    lots of new faces around here, hoping you guys chime-in with where you are from, and add your marker to the map:
    the member password is: rivet

    btw, updated the map & removed duplicate entries.

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    Hey, might as well chime in!

    São Paulo, Brazil.

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    Peoria, Arizona.
    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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    Los Angeles, California

    I registered, but couldn't add myself to the map. It said I needed Admin status.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFGamer View Post
    I registered, but couldn't add myself to the map. It said I needed Admin status.
    It's not very obvious how to do it, but that's what the password he gives you is. I'd tell you the steps, but I basically stumbled on it by mashing likely buttons.

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    did you log in with 'rivet' as the password?

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    I'm a Michigander living in Exile in Northwest Ohio.

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    ok guys, i'm doing a step-by-step walkthrough of how to login to the map & add your marker. Please read below:

    Name:  addmetothemap-01.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  284.3 KB

    Name:  addmetothemap-02.jpg
Views: 119
Size:  223.8 KB

    Name:  addmetothemap-03.jpg
Views: 124
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    Name:  addmetothemap-04.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  246.7 KB

    Name:  addmetothemap-05.jpg
Views: 132
Size:  223.9 KB

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    Added me onto the map. Not many UK people added yet!

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    Servus, I'm from Germany, south of Munich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rigel Anderson View Post
    I am from Pasadena, CA.

    I'm in La Crescenta! How have we not played yet? I've played through mission 7 so far.

    Thanks Bubo! Those instructions helped!
    Last edited by WTFGamer; 01-27-2014 at 10:28 AM.

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    Kellogg, Idaho, US
    Last edited by thatdave; 01-27-2014 at 04:09 PM.

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    Love Kellogg, used to live in cda

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