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    (from http://www.rivetwars.com/

    Rivet Wars comes from the mind of Ted Terranova who created a fictional world that combines WWI combat with steampunk, clockwork, and turn-of-the-century tech, in order to have a place where his "Rivets" could play. After making his own tanks for a brief period of time, CMON contacted Ted Terranova and together they worked on turning it into a board game. The core game pits Blightun Troops against Allied Troops, and a future expansion adds more variety to these two factions. Hopefully in the near future other factions will be introduced, continuing Ted's dream of fleshing out the world of Rivet Wars.

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    The once beautiful world of Rivet has been wracked by decades of war. The years of bombing, gassing, and stripping natural resources from the planet has taken its toll, turning its pastures into muddy, cratered-pocked no-man’s lands, and blackening the skies with soot and stench of factory smoke.

    But the fight continues on. Technology has stagnated to a post-Industrial level, similar to those seen in WW1. Machineguns and primitive armored vehicles have been introduced without replacing the old ways and it’s not uncommon to see a cavalry charge of heavy horse lead by an 80 ton six legged dreadnought. Steam power is still widely accepted while other forces employ electricity or diesel or horse.

    The many nations of Rivet have created various alliances. At the center of conflict lies the Imperial Blightun Empire a monarchy driven by the Mad Arch Duke and his uncle, the Kaiser. Ruling through fear and brutality, they see this conflict as a chance to extend their lands and they will employ any means, even poison gas attacks, to win the war. The Allies on the other hand are driven by their fight to survive. As independent nation states they see the Blightun Monarchs as a direct threat to their sovereignty. Meanwhile, still other factions are fighting for resources or because they see an opportunity arising out of the turmoil. National borders are ever changing and treaties—and fortunes–rise and fall daily.
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    Heroes of the Blight

    Jager Erwin Konig, the Sniper - Konig is a master sniper. He has lost one eye, enhancing the vision in his other, and his cool eyepatch is riveted in place! Great for taking out heroes hiding behind their men.

    Baron Gaston Tankken - Gaston is a poison gas trooper. He sprays the gas, which hangs around. It can be evil to face him when defending a capture point!

    General E. Romler - Romler is a master tactician. He views the battlefield as full of opportunities waiting to be exploited. Using his state of the art ocular enhancement gear, Romler can increase his soldiers' range allowing them to blast holes in the enemy forces. When Romler is on the battlefield no place is safe from his gaze!

    But often the fog of war blocks a general's view and the only way to get a bead on the enemy is to get down into the trenches. For General Romler this means it's time to call out his armored field car. Taking advantage of his vehicle's speed and added protection, the general can weave in and out of the skirmish while using his bi-ocular field glasses to effectively increase the range of his men and artillery.

    R100 (kickstarter exclusive) - Created in the East Belgoff Steam Works as a prototype, the R100 was seen as a replacement for the foot soldier. With five times the strength of a Rivet and with armor plated skin there isn't much that can slow down this mechanized warrior. Unfortunately creating the R100 requires rare alloys and skilled clock makers so they are limited in their deployment. But if you get the chance to field an R100 in your regiment, there won't be a trench line able to stop your forces!

    Capt. Elsa Frost - No one ever described Elsa Frost as warm hearted. She is more like a machine than a rivet. But this strong unbreakable presence has instilled a loyal fervor in her troops. When Elsa leads her soldiers into battle it is certain that they will be faster, stronger, or more accurate. One thing is for sure, you had better get out of her way!

    Dora Rollen - Always looking for a faster way to get soldiers to the front, Rollen began experimenting with various types of combat boot. After several failed attempts, Rollen finally hit on a wheeled system driven by pressurized air. A compressor is worn on the back and connected to the powered rolling shoes with high strength flexible hosing. This innovative piece of combat equipment allows Rollen to shuffle troops to the front although on rough terrain the shoes tend to bog things down.

    Baron Munchen - Not much is known about Baron Munchen. No one has ever see his face and it is not even certain if he has a face. The glowing liquid in his helmet conceals any hints that there might be a man inside. Some say he is the result of experiments gone wrong while others say he would be dead if not for that suit of his. What is known is that Munchen's suit makes him tough to kill. Artillery rounds have leveled dozens of his personal guard only to leave Munchen standing seemingly unscathed.

    The Red Baron - Terror of the skies, Baron von Rivetoffen has more air victories than any other ace on either the Blight or Allied sides! The Red Baron is awfully camera shy though, and has a strong aversion to scout planes...

    Volker Hawken - The son of a famous pilot, Volker was destined to be a great flyer. As a child he was given a half scale skiff glider which he trained on daily. After graduation from the Blightun Military Flight Academy, Volker was assigned to the front as a fighter pilot. Within months he was thrice decorated for outstanding heroism. There is a Blight saying that any flying machine becomes more deadly with Volker at its controls.

    Cruel Minie - Born a frail and sickly child, Minie was confined to his home as a youth. This gave him time to read and study and improve his mind as his body remained weak. But Minie yearned to be strong, like his childhood friend Terror Nova. He wanted to show the world that he wasn't weak. Seeing the military as a place to show off his skills, Minie joined the war effort, but found himself blocked from any job of value. So when he got the chance, Minie secretly defected to the Blight where he was encouraged to pursue his passion to create machines of war. Now Cruel Minie is the head of the bureau of weapon efficiency and takes pleasure in improving the kill rates of all Blightun weapons.

    Iron Chancellor- The Iron Chancellor is a man who does things by the numbers. He always has the same number of buttons on his jackets, the same number of buckles on his boots and the same number of rivets on his gauntlets. He brings this same attention to detail to his work overseeing the military production lines of the Blight. The Iron Chancellor coordinates the delivery of every engine, cannon, shell and even rivet that gets put into Blightun tanks. He is the genius behind the lines who keeps the Blight warmachine rolling along.

    Otto Kuleman - Considered a young prodigy, Otto was raised by his parents in the hills outside of Ballmore. There he enjoyed trips to the local tank factories and was hired as a driver. Once he was of age, Otto signed on as a tanker and quickly rose through the ranks. Today he is an officer of renown and any Blight tank crew would be honored to serve with him.
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    Heroes of the Allies

    Captain W. Parman - He's a mounted hero unit - an old horseman who doesn't believe in all these new fangled iron horses, but he has used some technology to keep his mount in the fight. He's added armor plating to protect his steed and added hydraulically dampened spring-loaded suspension units to its legs. His men love him dearly

    M2 Wolverine - This is a stout armored trooper. He is a one-man prototype armored suit. He has a machine gun as one arm and shield as the other. The M2 Wolverine design was inspired by old diving bells Put your infantry in his square and he'll wade right through any MG fire thrown at you!

    General G. Patston - The man, the myth. A great tactician and master of troop movement. After graduating from East Point Military academy General Patston quickly rose through the ranks. Although known for his brash style and quick temper his success on the battlefield can not be denied. A cavalry man at heart, Patston is obsessed with mobility. He is a master of troop movement and is sure to get your men to front and into the fight!

    When General Patston decides to lead his men into battle he makes sure to armor up. Wearing his steel plated hydraulically augmented combat suit, General Patston becomes a walking titan! Blocking enemy machine gun fire, lobbing explosive shells at the enemy, there isn't an allied soldier who wouldn't follow Patston into no-man's land.

    The Vet (kickstarter exclusive) - He fought for his nation, for what he believed in, but he was betrayed by his commanding officer and left for dead. Now he's returned and looking for a little payback. With skills honed from years of fighting in the worst conditions this vet can take punishment as good as he dishes it out. When you're in the fight, you better hope the Veteran is on your side.

    Cpl. Cher Ami - Cher Ami spent his youth on the roof of his home caring for the family pigeons. When war broke out he and his brave pigeons got right into the fight. With his amazing pigeon skills Cher is able to deliver messages with the upmost certainty that they will be delivered. When it's time to call in an artillery barrage Cher Ami is your best bet.

    Lt. Edwina Brasseldun - Lt. Edwina Brasseldun, or the groundhog as her friends call her, is happier six feet underground than anywhere else on Rivet. Brasseldun is a subterranean engineer who cut her teeth working in the Timonium Spice mines. She is the foremost expert on underground transport and deployment. With her hit and run tactics she can tip the balance of any fight in her favor.

    Lt. Mcleod - Mcleod is a man that other men look up to. He is a commander who is always with his soldiers and will always be found at the front of a charge. Hailing from the Northern tip of Brighton, Mcleod will lead a charge by playing his grandfather's ancient bagpipes, lifting the spirits of those around him. It is said that the sound of his pipes can keep a man on his feet when on all accounts he should be down for good. You'll march far and well with Mcleod in your ranks.

    Reme Funck - Reme began his military flying career as a bomb thrower in a late model Bristol Tug. During a mission Reme's pilot was killed requiring Reme to take the controls and land the plane. Because of the shortage of pilots in the Nante area where they were fighting, Reme was promoted to pilot. He soon graduated to flying his own biplane and quickly demonstrated his aerial prowess by downing five Blighters in a day. As one of the Allies' top aces, Reme is always a welcome member of any allied air group.

    Charles Yooger - Chuck was raised in the cornfields of the Eastern States of Brighton. His first job was flying an old crop duster for local farmers. When the call went out for pilots, Charles was the first in line to sign up for service on the Nante front. His years of flying between corn silos paid off quickly as he scored kill after kill against the Blightun air offensives. This is a pilot without fear who is always ready to dive his plane into action!

    Terror Nova - "The Terror," as he's called, is actually a quiet man by nature. Blessed with a natural ability to fight, Terror Nova was thrown into the spotlight as a hero of the allied forces. But he never reveled in this fame. He only wished to help the cause and do his part. His one true wish was that the war might end and he would be able to save his lost friend Minie so that the two might return to their homeland and live in peace.

    Uncle Rivet - For years Uncle Rivet was the headliner for a small time traveling rodeo show. Then one day General Patston attended a show and afterwards approached Uncle Rivet about helping with the war effort. Patston felt that Rivet's charisma and skill with a six shooter would captivate the nations imagination. Uncle Rivet could become the symbol of a unified allied force. But that wasn't enough for Rivet. He demanded he be put in the front lines where he soon proved his worth as a marksman and a leader. Now, between battles, Uncle Rivet tours the nations of the allied states boosting morale and production.

    William "Shady" Durgle - Born on the Jersey coast of Brighton, William was always one to find the kink in the armor or the weakness in any design or situation. As a tank commander it is this skill which makes him unstoppable. Using tactics some would call unconventional, "Shady" uses his opponents' weaknesses to his advantage and avoids direct confrontation. He has never lost a tank or a single crew member in eight years of service.
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    Heroes for Either Side

    (neutral characters, and characters from outside of the official Rivet mythos)

    Dr. Vorne - With the resources of Rivet growing ever more scarce, the Blight are attempting to harness the incredible power of the atom. Leading this charge is Dr. Vorne, a physicist who wears the scars of his many failed experiments with radiation and nuclear energy. He is well known to the allies for unwittingly pulling Atomic Robo into the world of Rivet, though even Vorne is not certain how that happened. Though possessing great power, Vorne can sometimes be as dangerous to the Blight as he is to the Allies.

    Jetpacker (kickstarter exclusive)- For Professor Winston Nurfle planes and zeppelins always seemed much too large. Instead he felt that each man, woman and child should have their own flying propulsion unit. Finally Nurfle stumbled up the perfect mixture of explosive chemicals to provide thrust for his jet pack. But now with the wars consuming most research and development Nurfle has donned his prototype pack and gotten into the fight! He has vowed to prove the combat effectiveness of his invention! The good Professor will join any side willing to test his invention!

    Babygirl (kickstarter exclusive) - At a young age Babygirl demonstrated amazing powers of concentration and mental toughness. For this reason she was brought into the Court of Assassins where she was trained to be a warrior and killer. Today she is one of the most deadly assassins on the face of Rivet. Her fierce combat skills are only matched by her beauty.

    The Man in Charge (kickstarter exclusive) - Some men are born to follow and some are born to lead. The Colonel, as everyone refers to him, is definitely the man in charge. When he walks into a room one can feel his presence. And the gaze of his eye is always scrutinizing his men, looking for any flaw, any weakness. When charging into battle, this is the man you want in charge!

    Rosie the Riveter (kickstarter exclusive) - Growing up Rosie loved to help her dad and brothers at the family repair shop fixing cars, adjusting clockwork calculators and adjusting boilers. She was just born with a knack for making things work or making them work better. When she was old enough to enlist she received a perfect score on her Mechanicus Exams and was immediately assigned to a forward mechanized repair detachment. Rosie was right where she wanted to be. Repairing tanks, adjusting timing gears on autoloaders, and re-armoring damaged vehicles. Her fellow soldiers came to love her and they soon gave her the nickname "Rosie the Riveter" for her outstanding work!

    Atomic Robo (kickstarter exclusive) - Atomic Robo was built by Nikolai Tesla. During one of his super science adventures with his Action Scientist buddies, he accidentally dropped into the world of Rivet! "I seem to have ... shrunk?" Atomic Robo, having fought in WWII, seems to think these Allied and Blightun fellas seem awfully familiar... Help Robo get home!
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    The Treasure Hunter (ACD Distributor/convention exclusive) - The recorded history of Rivet goes back many millennia. Scores of civilizations have risen and fallen in that time and left behind clues, not only of their existence, but of their lost supernatural powers. The Treasure Hunter is a scholar of these lost civilizations and the artifacts they have left behind. He believes that by unlocking these clues a lost power may once again be wielded by the inhabitants of Rivet. But will it be possible to control that power once unleashed?
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    Allied Troops

    Hammer 65 Pounder - The Allied mortar.

    The rocket bikes are down and the blight are coming strong with a charge of monowheels. What can the allies do? Call in... the Mountaineers! Rushing to the front with their magnetic bombs, the mountaineers have no fear and throw themselves into the enemy charge. With deadly accuracy they dispatch one mechanized monster after another leaving the field clear for a counter attack!

    MT-1 Ostrich

    Hacksaw Turret (Ostrich Turret) - Adds a machine gun to the Ostrich

    M3 Vertical Tanks - This is the tank that started it all! The M3 was commissioned as a light tank with good scouting and fire support capabilities. With its shield the M3 can "block" for troops during forward assaults while its considerable firepower allows it to outgun most infantry squads. It is best known for its distinctive vertical stance earning it the nickname "Vert-Tank."

    Rocket Cycle (Cavalry) - The Rocket Cycle is a rocket-firing tracked motorcycle with dual rocket-firing launch tubes.

    Riflemen (Infantry) (3 poses)

    Patson Walker - When General Patston decides to lead his men into battle he makes sure to armor up. Wearing his steel plated hydraulically augmented combat suit, General Patston becomes a walking titan! Blocking enemy machine gun fire, lobbing explosive shells at the enemy, there isn't an allied soldier who wouldn't follow Patston into no-man's land.

    Search and Rescue Division (Allied Canine Unit) - The allied Canine Search and Rescue Division is beloved by all allied soldiers. There isn't a grunt in the war who hasn't heard the stories of the brave dogs of the CSRD scrambling through barbwire, across minefields and under tank traps just to get aid to a wounded soldier. These mutts are strong and fearless. When a rivet is down, the Canine Search and Rescue is there to help.

    M7 B.O.S.S. - After seeing the effectiveness of the Blight Landkrieger the allies decided to accept proposals for a bipedal mechanized armored tank of their own. The winning design created by the Breton Forge Works built upon a large well armored core structure. This was supported by two hydraulically driven legs. Once fielded the B.O.S.S. became a welcome sight to the allies. Many a soldier has found himself rallying around a B.O.S.S. in the thick of battle.

    McLeod's Guards

    Name:  Alliedanti-aircraft_zpsd9db4e65.jpg
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    Anti-Aircraft Artillery

    M11 Double Play - The M11 was developed as a heavily armored assault tank. Sporting two turrets it excels at eliminating blight armor assets. Because of its cost it is not seen as often on the battlefield but when it does make an appearance it sends the Blight running.

    Name:  alliedturret_zps13ce80e7.jpg
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    Pneumatic Revolver Turret - This innovative turret grants any vehicle tremendous anti-infantry capabilities. Although it consumes a great amount of ammunition, it is well worth it.
    Name:  rivet_clockwork_zpsa04e11ae.jpg
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    Allied Clockwork Soldiers - These soldiers were created to combat the Blight plague. These mechanical marvels cannot be infected by the plague bio-agent. Based on technology developed by Cruel Minnie, before his defection, they have limited senses and are therefore only effective in close combat.
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    Blightun Troops

    MG08 Schlitten - The Blightun machine gun.

    Trench Raiders
    When the call goes up that Trench Raiders have broken through the lines most soldiers either run or stand frozen with fear. The raiders are brutal and vicious fighters who bully their way through the ranks of their enemies. Throwing grenades and blasting away with their trench guns, the Raiders are a force that is best avoided and not engaged.

    Landkrieger Tanks - When the Blight saw a need for a trench line assault vehicle, the Landkrieger was chosen as the winning design. Its innovative piston-driven suspension allows it to reach high speeds on rough terrain while also permitting it to navigate vertical grades that a tracked vehicle could not. It's dual hydraulic "fists" allow the Landkrieger to thrive in close combat and use nearby objects and weapons as thrown projectiles, including nearby infantry units. You would not want to run into a Landkrieger in the trenches!

    Sturmpanzer - The Blighter Sturmpanzer is powered by a Maybach HL120TRM with a 6 speed gearbox. It can reach speeds up to 40 km/h with a range of 140 km. It is armed with one 7.5 cm StuK40 main cannon. The Sturmpanzer serves in an anti-tank role in support of front line units. The Quad leg configuration allow for all terrain deployment although maintenance requirements on the Porsche suspension have been higher than anticipated.

    Der Cyclops (The Sturmpanzer Turret) - This turret mount adds another machine gun to the Sturmpanzer tank.

    Monowheel Dragoons (Cavalry) - The monowheel is a strong piece of anti-infantry equipment. It is a giant wheel of death and sabers.

    Panzerfaust (Infantry) - (3 poses) In their ceremonial-looking outfits, the Blightun infantry carries rocket launchers similar to the German panzer foust. They are great for taking out armor and tanks.

    Romler's Vehicle - Often the fog of war blocks a general's view and the only way to get a bead on the enemy is to get down into the trenches. For General Romler this means it's time to call out his armored field car. Taking advantage of his vehicle's speed and added protection, the general can weave in and out of the skirmish while using his bi-ocular field glasses to effectively increase the range of his men and artillery.

    K-9 Jaeger Corps. (Blight Canine Unit) - They move silently through the smoke and rubble of the battlefield. They are on the enemy without any warning. These are the fierce German Shepherds of the K-9 Jaeger Corps! Trained since birth to fight alongside their Blight handlers. They are feared by the enemy but considered four legged heroes to the Great Blightun Empire.

    The Doom Wheel - With the monowheel drive system and suspension proving themselves to be both reliable and effective the Blightun Empire decided to repurpose this design for a fast moving gun platform. The original monowheel parts were upscaled to support the increased armor, engine and ammunition being carried. The final vehicle is both effective at range and in close combat. Monowheel Dragoons affectionately refer to the Doom Wheels as Big Brothers.

    Baron Munchen's Guards

    Name:  Blightanti-aircraft_zpse9397818.jpg
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    Anti-Aircraft Artillery

    Gryphon's Hammer - When the Rivet Wars became less static and the frontlines began to move day to day the large rail guns deployed by the Blight became obsolete. Under the direction of the Iron Chancellor, these guns were refitted with Heavy siege chasis. Although incredibly heavy the Hammer is quite mobile and considered a tremendous asset in breaking allied strongpoints.

    Grenade Turret - This turret allows for the quick dispersal of smoke or fragmentation grenades for any vehicle. For close combat actions this a real game changer.
    Name:  Rivet_plague_zpseac739e0.jpg
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    Blight Plague Trooper - These soldiers were created as a result of one of Dr. Vorne's biological experiments. Once exposed to his bio-agent, these soldiers lose their free will and suffer from horrible skin deterioration. But they also gain an incredible stamina and a single-minded desire to destroy their enemies, whoever they may be.
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