OOP Screamin Red Dragon of Krynn - GET IT NOW !
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Thread: OOP Screamin Red Dragon of Krynn - GET IT NOW !

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    Default OOP Screamin Red Dragon of Krynn - GET IT NOW !

    I will be selling this awesome dragon on EBay shortly....unless....
    one of my CMON family is interested in it.

    Vinyl kit is complete, unstarted and components are mint.
    The box is a little beat up.

    Silent Auction via PM to myself.
    Minimum bid $70.
    Zero profit S&H to be calculated between us.

    To be fair and honest...EBay has a "Buy it Now" for $100 plus $12 domestic US S&H.
    I think that fairly establishes the upper bound. Think it's a bit high.......

    Many here can vouch for my integrity....

    Definitive photos of kit, inside and out, are here:


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    The Dragon is up on EBay as of 10pm Eastern on Monday night, Jan 28.
    7 Day Auction with a $50 Reserve

    Find him here:


    Thanks for your interest,

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    Best of luck man. I'd relieve you of it for some paper script, but it just doesn't jiggle the purse for me.
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