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    I was wondering if stretch goals that are put in the core box qualify for the twice as much feature of the $300 pledge level?

    Will extra card decks be available in case I want to "customize" a deck for a game?

    I was thinking of making a second pledge at $150 to get a second copy of the core game. Is that allowed?

    Oh and I hope someone is going to do a tutorial on how to paint these critters!

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    If you're currently in at the $150 level, just up your pledge to $300, and select the $300 reward level, and you'll get double of everything you would have got at the $150 level.
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    I am at the $300 but I was thinking another pledge is cheaper than buying add-ons and I get extra cards and cards and terrain pieces. Is that acceptable in a KS campaign?

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    I'm not sure - you'd have to check Kickstarter's acceptable usage policy, to see whether pledging under more than one account is OK.

    However, what I do know is that this is a CoolMiniOrNot Kickstarter, so, after the Kickstarter has finished, they'll send out information to you about their Kickstarter Pledge Manager (I'm guessing this is your first CMON Kickstarter), from which, based on previous CMON Kickstarters, you'll be able to purchase another Blitz package (though it might be slightly more than the $150) - best to check with CMON to see if that will happen.

    You can probably even just up your pledge now to $450 and then opt in for a third Blitz package in the Pledge Manager, but, like I said, check with CMON to see what the best option is.
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    I got an email back from CMON. It is allowed to make a second pledge. Plus the FAQ section at the KS page does state you get two boxed sets with the Blitz x2. So a third box and all the bonus can be had in triplicate!

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