Is it possible to change user name?
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Thread: Is it possible to change user name?

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    Default Is it possible to change user name?

    Well, I would like to change my nickname without creating a new account (and loose my credits...)

    Is it possible?

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    It is, but it does use up some of the credits. I'm on a phone browser, so can't search easily for you. Check account settings, or maybe under profile editing. Sorry I can't be of more immediate help, but I did change my user name shortly after joining.
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    I just can't find it... well, I'll try it later, when my brain would get some rest...

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    Now you know where to change it ?

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    I have the same question and cannot find where to change it too!

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    I too want to change my username. Just want to be BloodFather, not of Kharnath (Khorne).
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    Help has this been done yet is it really a thing ?
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