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    I saw this on somethingawful and thought you had to see it!

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    :oAlf is back!!.........quick hide your Cats!!!:flip:lol

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    you know i saw something that reminded me of alf the other day

    i loved that show....

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    Originally posted by wiccanpony
    :oAlf is back!!.........quick hide your Cats!!!:flip:lol
    That would be a great pick up cats for life...:D

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    I was in the grocery store the other day and noticed Alf is on the cover of the current TV-Guide magazine.
    If I recall correctly, he\'s standing next to Jean-Luc Piccard. Quite a juxtapose.

    p.s. I never liked Alf that much and never found the cat thing funny. If he were human and wanted to eat the cat, now THAT would have been funny.

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