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    seems to make the most sense if I start 1 topic to hold all the things I do, so I can ask for opinions without too many unneeded threads.
    So here it is
    I hope I can fill it with good looking minis.

    first here is a bust that I'm working on atm.
    Name:  AnTjin_WIP.jpg
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    It's mostly finished, basically varnishing is all I'd like to do (and correcting some mistakes I found when looking at the picture).
    BUT if you see something that could make it much better, please tell. If I can, I'll do the change.

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    The hair wrap(?) really has a believable Terri cloth feel to it-nice effect!

    It appears ther is some brown slopped into the purple of the shirt at the bust line you may want to clean up-probably only noticeable in the macro photo.

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    Great job. Love the goggles and I agree. The fabric on the wrap looks really soft and lovely.

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    thank your for the comments.

    @Krulebear: yes it's one of the painting mistakes I noticed only with this wip picture.

    One more thing a friend said: where are her eyebrows? true.
    What I didn't know is that they are so hard to paint correctly. Luckily I varnished the face twice, so I could use a strong thinner to wipe the new layers of paint after getting them wrong (I use Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner for this).
    But I already tried to paint them 5 times and out of fear of reaching the paint layer I decided to quit for today give it a new coat of varnish just to be safe and allow it to cure overnight.

    So today's result: painted eyebrows 5 times, wiped them 5 times, 1 time reapplying varnish to be safe.

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    Excellent painting, eyes look alive.
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    I feel your pain with the eyebrows. At 28mm they are hard enough but on a bust?! I guess they need to look more realistic at that scale. Maybe a few washes of a slightly lighter shade than the base of the hair over some very fine lines done with the base colour to make them look real? Good luck, I am curious to know what you end up doing to make them look convincing.
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