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    1) Cool model, and a testament to your patience!
    2) How was the sorbet? WIP shots?

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    It was super (yes, all 1 liter already in the past)

    wip... won't really help. As Rosewater is transparent, water is transparent, sugar... well white until dissolved in water, from that point on the mix is again transparent. It would be like photoing plain old water-ice.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    The models are a nice change of pace around here and they look really good.

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    thank you all for the kind words.


    Continued work on Pedro Fernandes' miniature, the Redemption.
    Transitions on the clothes were good, but somehow the highlights didn't pop. So I took another look at the official painted mini to see where it's highlighted and how much. After that took out the AB, and basically sprayed the cloth white to restart the painting.
    Hopefully the second try will turn out better.


    it's insaaaane!!!!!!!! received the KD newsletter about 30 Minutes ago. By now quite a few items are already sold out (T-Shirt, Art-Prints, GenCon box). Others (some pinups and sci-fi figures) remain only because they were included either in the KS or in the GenCon box.
    They even resupplied the box (items remaining went from 2 to 100), but in 10 minutes more than half are gone again (by now probably all).
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    yeah, it's insane how fast many of the KD mini's end up sold out. It's worse when you receive the email while you're still at work and can't just run home to buy the stuff you were looking for. I was hoping to grab another copy of the sci-fi twilight knight, at least :\

    I really need to work on budgeting for KD releases though. There's typically so many good mini's I'd like to paint, but so little money to buy them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kablaq View Post
    It's worse when you receive the email while you're still at work and can't just run home to buy the stuff you were looking for.
    that's where a handy comes handy

    usually known for it's anime and/or mildly pornographic figures, e2046 showed something nice in today's newsletter:
    It's looking great and the price is super too (under 15 euro).
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Managed to keep myself from commenting (realistically but negatively) in another thread. I think I need a small praise.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    I really need help with the clothes here.

    I did a gazillion layers / glazes so far and it keeps being patchy as hell.
    Also it becomes slowly more and more glossy. And because of the magenta / purple glazes it's getting too dark.
    The patchyness is more visible on the right side taken with a flash.

    Name:  Retribution_Wip1.jpg
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    I simply have no idea what I should do except trying to restart with an AB or to strip the paint... Both I don't really want to do, as it took quite a while to get to this phase.
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    Te only thing I can think of is to make it look like a pattern or texture on the dress, matting it down shouldn't be difficult with an appropriate matte varnish or lahmian medium, may e some thinned ink might help hide the patchiness but it might also undo alot of the work already done

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    oof, that's a tough one. the transparent layers of the inks are killing you. I second the pattern idea, some kind of damask or gingam or herringbone and then shade over that, other wise it's a strip and repaint. Sorry dude. i went though the same thing with steampunk leia. Gotta find a way to keep those inks from being glossy when you work with them or the surface tension won't let you get and even layer
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    You could mask the face and dust over with dull coat.
    then restart the glazing, perhaps with a different brand of paint if your having trouble with pigment breaking up
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks for the tips.
    At the end I had to restart from the AB stage.

    It'll need quite a few more tweaks, but I like the current start better.

    Also painted a few Cat-troopers
    I think I know why I don't really progress. The reason is the same, why the cats didn't take over the world yet: too lazy, just look at the right cat, sleeping besides his power armor.
    (I'll need to think of a base for them, was thinking about some simple stone with a pillar and the cat sleeping at the base, the other trying to wake him up. )
    Cats are painted purely for fun, no high and mighty plans with it, just wanted to paint them very simply.

    Name:  Retribution_Wip2.jpg
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    looking good sir. Sometimes it easier to do it again knowing what was not working
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Te bunny is looking much better now, for the cats maybe have it so they've discovered some ancient artifacts in the shape of usual cat toys, scratching posts or those little toy mice you get, then the sleeping one could be holding or next to some of them, or maybe a tiny bag of cat nip

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    mmmm I like your ideas sicks ^^

    What about if they have just landed over a wool thread moon? xP
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    Catstronauts....not a fan of the minis but I am of the painting.
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    played with 2 new scale plane kits.

    Name:  VF25 - Sheryl - Ranka.jpg
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    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Some progress.

    Basically in the final stretch. Just have to redo the arms, as I had to re-basecoat the part where the join is. To be honest that's the only bad part of this bust. It could have been hidden with a bracelet or a ribbon, but nooo, flesh...

    Since I've taken the pic I added 1 more highlight on the hair I lost to the glazes and did the nails.

    Name:  Retribution_Wip3.jpg
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    Any comments? places to improve (arms are basecoated, skin (back for example) may need some extra lightening or shading)


    Aaand I need ideas for color builds for an alien from Aliens. The Black highlighted to grey doesn't really work, so I need tips how to tackle it.
    What I have so far:
    - base is black
    - highlighted with intermediate blue (greyish blue)
    - further highlighted on the soft parts (under the head, neck, etc) with an off-white (pale-sand or ivory), similar with the ridges on the head
    - some glazes of a yellow-brown (sepia wash)

    also in Game Forces Magazine 16 I read a technique using alcohol and a sponge to create texture on the alien. IT looked great on the 1/6 bust they used it on, but no idea how to apply it on a 28 or 54mm figure. I know nothing that has a small enough structure to work. So if someone has ideas for here, that's welcome too besides the colors.
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    The only parts I can see that could be improved on the bust are the elbow fur, either blended or try to create a fur like texture where it meets the skin. Also the purple on the back of the skirt between the 2 sections of fold looks like it has a big step to the darkest shade but that could be the lighting.

    For the alien I think it depends what setting it's going in, typically in the film's (at least the first two) they are depicted in dark cold looking areas so blue shines would work well for that, black is pretty reflective of surrounding colours so I think in a night like lighting situation blue-grey to white highlights would work, for a day setting or space ship warmer highlights would work, also depending on which films look you're going for they are slightly different colours, the first 2 they are more black-grey-blueish looking but in later films they're more brown in colour. I don't know if you're on Facebook but there was a tutorial on shiny black space marine armour that could be adapted for an alien that would be the co!dear look though

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    thank Sicks. I looked at the big step. Turned out there that's the top of the ass and because of the curve some inbetween parts are not visible IRL it looks smooth enough (well as good as the other parts).

    Alien will be... a colorful one. I don't like the official greys and the usually used color washed a few times methods. What I don't know if I want something warm,cold or a mix (the mentioned black - blue - ivory). The wall on the back is a light beige with some bronze and iron metallics. Tried that shiny black not too long ago, wasn't really successful, so I leave it for now (at least until I start with the DW-Watchmaster).

    Speaking of the Watchmaster...
    I would like to push my abilites a bit, so I decided to freehand the hell out of the cloak. The only problem is I have no real idea with what.
    Two possibilities would be:
    - simplified fleur de lis on the light, inner parts. Red outer parts painted as padded cloth + the usual boring 2 headed eagle on the middle of the back.
    - red same as above, inner parts are only textured with lots of points (like here

    Here any ideas are welcome. Worst case I say, that I can't do it. To be honest most likely I'll fail, but I'll try not to.
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