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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the nocturna paints
    The skin tone on the second bust is very specific, but I like the result you got. The "kind of sad/worried" look you gave to his gaze matches the lowered head and gives it a nice touch!
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    som wip of a bust from FeR minis. Plague something.
    Name:  plague_1.jpg
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    I really do need pointers for:
    - skin (looking ok or not)
    - organs, tentacles and stuff... how to make it better, a lot better
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXXxxx View Post
    I really do need pointers for: ...//... organs, tentacles and stuff... how to make it better, a lot better
    Maybe having a look at the severed head of a dragon on the last work form Sprocket gives you some nice insight?... You could try to add little pale maggots to level up the disgusting feeling...
    Not sure on the skin, I think there is something missing or wrong but cannot point out what may be... deepest shadow colour I see it as a very dark green? (on my screen)
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    will take a look. Altough next week will be hell for painting. According to forecast 35C (95F) and have to leave for multiple days because of work.

    Aaand no idea if I can see it through, but:
    infected with some 40k... plan is a bit above ttq, but no display quality of these:
    1 box of DV, 2 box worth of DM:
    - 20 cultist + 40 pox walker
    - 7 Chosen + 14 Death Guard
    - 1 Chaos Lord + 3 Death Guard Character
    - 5 Raptor
    - 1 hellbrute + 3 (1 still in post) Bloat something engine
    Name:  CSM_Army_01.jpg
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    Will most likely follow the GW official guides, tweaked here and there for my liking.

    The plagued bust will be the "face" of the army
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    Damn Maxx, that's one hell of a bug you've been infected by :P

    granted, with 8th edition out, I'm starting to a get a bit of a itch myself that only painting could soothe.

    On the plague bust, do you have a more neutral/grayer background to take pictures against? It looks to me like the man's skin has a warm undertone, but the plague/blood/organ bits have a cold undertone, and that may be causing one or the other to look somewhat off; Maybe it's just me.

    Otherwise, my gut would say adding glazes of colors to the highlights and midtones may bring the skin into a more lifelike form; Blues for bruising, red's for a couple patches of warmth, yellow's for (I assume) warm sunlight overhead. The plague/organs part could use more color variation as well. Perhaps the tentacles change into a darker purple or blue the further they get from the central mass; You could also do patterns on the tentacles, similar to a octopus or other fish. Maybe the veins of blood (or ichor) inside the plague mass could be showing through the "skin" of the mass itself.

    Another thought, is the damage to the man's skin: You could add dried blood from the wounds, as well as bruising/necrotic wear to indicate his ignorance/acceptance of the damage his body has suffered; Blood for the blood god may be good here to indicate a trickle of blood coming out of an open wound.

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    As usual I got derailed by something else. Wanted to finish the TTQ Vile-Tis army before I start with the Nurgle one.

    Here is a wip(mostly done actually) of them
    Name:  Vile-Tis Army.jpg
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    The black is not as smooth as it could be, but for and army it's ok. I'm still waiting for the water on the bases to clear up. Then I might do a second coat with tinted water and maybe some smoothing on the armor.

    Derail no 2.:
    I was in the GW shop today to support them by ordering the boxes from next week there (that way the shop gets a share) where they told, that they do a painting 'competition' for a single Primaris SM. I agreed to it, as it's much more likely that I finish with it as with finishing the DG army before the end of juli (especially as FF12-remaster comes out next tuesday).

    So I got a free mini and my questions on this to all of you, what and how should I paint it?
    - showroom vs battleworn
    - chapter??? (thinking mentors / howling griffons / IF-s)
    - strong colors like the mini from Hendarion ( or more 'realistic' muted colors

    what effects could be added to SM minis?
    - Urban camo? Rackham circles? ???? I absolutely have no idea how to make it more special than a simple paintjob. What could be added to the plain armor plates to make them look great?

    Thanks for any ideas.

    I ordered the 'how to 40k' booklet that comes out next week with another free Primaris, so if not here, than on that I'll try to replicate Hendarion's IF. (Likely without success, but I'll try anyway)
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    Great group there mate, the simple matching colour scheme is a winner
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    Nice Vile-Tis army, maxx! It's always a good feeling to finally finish a project.

    For the first marine, a Battleworn Mentor's marine would be pretty cool. You could probably do a off-white/gray urban camo as a replacement for the white on the model; Not sure if a digital camo green would also work for the green areas. As an additional detail, aside from battle damage/dust/blood/etc, you could also add campaign icons and battle honors. Another choice, if you wanted to do a chapter that regularly uses camo, could be Raptors. Though, most of the pictures I've seen online have been jungle camo or tundra camo.

    On the second one, if you wanted to do a high contrast mini, but don't want to do Imperial Fists, what about Lamenters? Mostly yellow, with some white/black checkered areas and red accents could work well.

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    Whatever Vile-Tis is, yours look really cool. I really like the pale one and the green one in the back.

    For your Primaris, could you 'convert' it by using maybe a 7th ed. Deathwatch shoulder pad & weapon, perhaps? Don't think I've seen that yet. Have fun & viel Gluck!

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    thanks for the replies.

    In the mean time I went with a mostly "Mentors" SM, but using turqoise instead of the green. The basic SM is done, now comes the freehand, chipping, rusting, etc.

    Vile-Tis: an army from the game confrontation. Even though they are not, I still call them BDSM Wolfen.
    Which one is the green one? I pretty much painted all of them the same way:
    - Skin: PaleSand shaded with MediumFlesh highlighted with Ivory
    - Skin v2 (specialists, I think the "pale one" (with the red clothes) uses this too): RakhartFlesh shaded with ReiklandFlesshade highlighted with Ivory
    - Clothes: GreenBrown shaded with StrongToneInk highlighted with Ivory
    - Red Clothes on "Master of Carnage": MephistonRed shaded with StrongToneInk highlighted with MediumFlesh
    - Armor: Black highlighted with DarkSeaGreen, then LightGrey, then Ivory
    - Armor trims, weapons: Gun shaded with DarkToneInk highlighted with Steel
    - Leather parts: some brown (either LeatherBrown or BeastyBrown) shaded with StrongToneInk and DarkToneInk.

    SM can't be converted
    - first it was the rule, that it must remain unconverted
    - it's a snap-fit, monopose model, where the shoulderpad is cast togeter with the body.

    Ää (apparently works )
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Haven't painted anything awesome lately (or ever), but I did finish some armies. Hope you'll like them.

    - Confrontation Vile-Tis army (they were already done, but photo might be somewhat better)
    Name:  Confrontation_VileTis_Army.jpg
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Size:  180.0 KB

    - Dropfleet Commander PHR fleet(pics are: the whole fleet, frigates, cruisers, battleship)
    Name:  Dropfleet_PHR_Fleet.jpg
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Size:  389.5 KB

    - Dropfleet Commander UCM fleet (my chosen main fleet in the game) (pics : all, frigates and corvettes, cruisers, battleships and battlecruisers, Limited edition models)
    Name:  Dropfleet_UCM_Fleet.jpg
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Size:  623.0 KB

    With a bit of luck (no new models for a while) I'm finished with the Dropfleet.

    And managed to do a repaint on one anime figure too, 2B from Nier Automata.
    I wanted to see how the model looks in warm whites with a white ceramic blade instead of the normal black.

    Name:  NierAutomata_White2B.jpg
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    Man, loving the effect on the PHR fleet, looks superb! Really wish I could find the Dropfleet range out here - fancy me some honking great spaceships.

    Like what you did with the colour swap on 2B, though her hair looks a little flat (could just be the pictures though).

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    Wow the rework on 2B is awesome! What paint did you use for the golds?

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    thanks for the comments.

    The hair... likely the pic, the colors go from black to VMC-LightGrey (which actually looks like the old CodexGrey, so darker than the name suggests).

    Gold: I used simply GW's Retributor Armor. It's a nice dark shade of gold. No real shading or highlighting there, just what the metallic flakes in the paint + the color behind(white / light brown) the metal give.

    Now it looks like I'll have a few Nier figures
    - 1 Chinese version B2 of the LE Black Box figure
    - the white B2 I painted from e2046
    - a black studio painted B2 from e2046
    - a black studio painted S9 from SquareEnix in october
    And hopefully Square will release A2, Commander and Popola/Devola figures too (not sure if I want to have Adam/Eve).

    also does anyone have good tips on painting filligree easier? Picking them out was painful even though I tried to use a flat brush with very little paint almost like drybrushing it.
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    Those fleets look really cool massed up like that. 2B looks wonderful in white. I was going to say the hair was not at the same level as the rest, but you already said that was due to the picture.

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    Hmm, no entry here for a looong time.

    As it's almost december I think it's time to write a yearly summary.
    This year wasn't great for painting for me. It started good, managed to paint the on-line to a good standard, also some fun with the "Fury" bust, the "defenders of the jungle" vignette and some anime figures (all not the highest quality I could do, but wasn't stressful to do), but after that the year went downhill for a few reasons.

    - 1. the usual lazyness, still pushing figures around for weeks before painting them
    - 2. PS4. Quite simply I spent a lot of time playing FF15-Nier-Horizon-Senran.
    - 3. Year of the TTQ. In quality I'm not proud of them, but finished with the Vile-Tis army and 2 Dropfleet fleets. And one of the fleet is quite large (UCM is 75 ships strong).
    - 4 the worst part. Since the beginning of September I had quite severe back and shoulder pain. Going to multiple doctors didn't help and it's not comfortable to sit/lie down (which makes nights sleepless).
    Finally I got to a better doc and managed to get Xray/MRI done. Apparently a major nerv is compressed between 2 vertebra of the neck that's causing the pain/comfort problems.
    I got some physiotherapy, that helps with the symptoms, but not the cause. Next appointment I have on 12.8, where I might learn about possible cure (without opiates).
    Because of this I don't see that I'll get anything done this year.

    Zab always says, that you can't paint without pain, but... you can't paint with pain either...
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    Well the back thing is a lot of pain and to be fair I always say a little pain. Take your time to get better and heal. Painting can wait.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Best wishes and hope your pain subsides.

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    time to restart this painting hobby...

    Doc said, there is nothing that can be done. So with the physio-excercises I can keep the pain in check, but won't be perfect. (and the doctor and I don't want an op. for now).

    So I started with an 1/72 hasegawa plane. Turned out ok-ish. And bougth Sly Marbo from GW. It's a bit of a dissapointment as I expected a new, nice plastic kit, like all those character and primaris kits out there. To find failcast in the box... omg. I should have bought some DG kit for this restart.
    So before we see how it turns out I rather do some (most likely TTQ) practice on the WD-Slaughter Priest I found while going through my mini boxes.
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    Wow, you've got so many armies! I've barely got an old WFB army still rat-ling around somewhere... My goal is to have at least one (if not "1-4" or "2-12") models for each monster in the original monster manual.

    Really liking the "old gold" look of the embroidery on 2B.

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