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    uhh, sorry for the late answer, I've completely forgotten my own thread.

    The figure is pre-painted and altough not too high quality (about no shading, mostly base colors airbrushed on) I don't plan to repaint it.
    Funny thing is, that now a month after I got it they list for 100-150 more than the original price on ebay, even without the box (and I have no plans to sell in the near future as I really like the design).


    And today I was pleasantly surprised. Got a package and never expected the one I got: The base box of the "Horizon Zero Dawn" game from the KS. I thought they will ship late November/December.
    Minis are pretty good for the size and price.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    quick/small help needed. Which color would go best with a light purple switch? (switch color is about the same as the bottom right purple)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    a bright golden yellow like this would look good:
    Name:  hero-purple-flowers.jpg
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    or a darker purple like this:
    Name:  purple.jpg
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    but if you want to stay in pastel colors, pastel green or yellow would look good, or you could just go white.

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