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    hi, small update:

    I put up pictures for voting on the 2 latest busts:


    I also started working on a HH cataphractii terminator , that I'd like to paint up weathered. We'll see how it will turn out.

    And somewhere down the road, I'd like to tackle the "Light and Dark" from Studio McVey, but in monochrome.
    I already have a (probably not too bright) idea of painting the base in neutral greys, one of the figure in cool-greys (blue tones) and the other in warm ones (yellow or red). Hopefully it won't look too bad.
    What I don't really know which colors to use.

    For example the cool could be: darkseablue --> white, but it's not greyish enough, it would be too vibrant. So I'd gladly take ideas on colors. So far what I have:
    - neutral: black --> coldgrey --> white
    - cool : darkseablue --> white (with the color somehow dulled to a grey)
    - warm: mahagony --> white (with the color somehow dulled to a grey)
    - to cheat on the cool/warm I'd mix the base color with a grey. Technically it wouldn't be monochrome anymore, but would make the color-decision easier.

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    i quite like these busts. brutalovic very cool an smooth paintjobs!
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    Nice one I especially like Einstein, good to see something different not a green orc/goblin.

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    the terminator so far.
    I'd like to weather it more, but no idea how really. I'll try rusting the metal parts, then... well out of ideas, some dust on the legs should be done I think.

    Name:  TermiWIP.jpg
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    Some powders or really watered down rust/dust colored paints would help define those greens (which I love , BTW) and greys a bit. Remember less is more
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    A small fun little diorama I wanted to do for like a year now. Finally managed to work on it this weekend.

    This is the result (more or less), Let's call it "Ambush" :
    Name:  Ambush_wip_web.jpg
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    It's not sealed yet, so it can be modified if needed. So far what I noticed:
    - some pumpkins should be shaded back a bit as the final highlight washed out some of the definition

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    That little fella will make pumpkin pie out of them,
    Nice work.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    nice work. i like the pumpkin battle..

    btw who makes the terminator you painted before the pumpkin battle?

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    That Terminator is from Forge World.
    One of the horus heresy ones, don't exactly know which one though.

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    2 new images, this time some Kingdom Death.
    Name:  Preacher_wip.jpg
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Size:  39.6 KB Name:  Preacher_back_wip.jpg
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    Some friends said, that the base is too plain. The question is: what should I do to make it better.
    Some suggestions were: scrolls, a pentagramm, but I'm not sure I can make them to look good.

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    It's nice. I wouldn't detail the base too much. Maybe a few glazes to bring some color into the stone but the limited palette kind of works with her.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    DeviantArt Handle: AlmostZab
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    Yeah, I think base could do with some variation. I also think some of her hair cold do with darker delineations because right now it feels to me like it's one mass and not really an amalgamation of strands. Did you do the Hirstart blocks in plaster or resin if I may ask?

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    I used plaster. Well more like I got them from a friend who uses plaster for all his castings even for extremely large dioramas, like a the whole Rivendell.

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    new week, new WIP, still Kingdom Death, but this time not a woman

    Name:  KD_Chosen_WIP1.jpg
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    I really like the wings now, basecoated the metals, mostly because I wanted to see the base, if it works or not. Right now, the base is nothing else, just a basecoat + black wash to make it darker and blacken the recesses.
    I just HAD TO make a coin-pile after the other topic here

    Skin... well I shaded it and all with an AB, but... as I see on the pic I overdid it, so almost just like a basecoat now.

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    wow he looks good so far. he is going to look spectacular finished
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    I worked a bit on the shading of the skin.
    So far I can say, that the second shade is done, I planned one more (a much more muted brown that is mixed from the current color+greygreen), then highlighting (probably not as white as I'd do for a female, about basic-fleshtone looks like the maximum I'd like to have, and even that only around the face or shoulders).

    What I already see in the pic: I lost the middletone, so I'll have to refine that a bit too after the highlights are 'done', now it's too contrasty for my tastes.

    If someone with a lot of experience painting human skin (Milosh? ) could help, please do.

    On the white cloth: I tried highlighting it with oils. It really feels different and I need a LOT MORE practice with it. imho it turned out worse than what I could do with acryls. Also after 3 days it's still not dry yet, good thing I have these figureholders.

    Name:  KD_Chosen_WIP2.jpg
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    Added some color variations to the base (greenish-brownish to the pillars base, some darker and some brown filters to the stones where she stands, hopefully it looks better this way.

    Name:  KD_Preacher_WIP2.jpg
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    And almost finished the Chosen.
    Here if you have any suggestion on how to improve it, please tell me.

    Name:  KD_Chosen_WIP3.jpg
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    those feathers look AMAZING!
    maybe darken the smoke a tiny bit so it doesn't blend with the wings as much? that's all i could see
    i'd make you a sandwitch, but cannibalism is illegal in my country.
    WIP thread

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    you mean similar to this?
    Name:  KD_Chosen_WIP4.jpg
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    Also on another forum (hungarian one) they said I should add a bit of 'dirt' to the bottom of the cloth + on the feet, so that's changed a bit as well.

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