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Thread: MAXXxxx WIPs

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    Thanks for the write up, I don't mind real time battles I played ffxi which was an mmorpg for about 5 years, it was a mega grind fest but I enjoyed it, I lost interest after ff13 because the actual gameplay wasn't great, I didn't like the battle mechanics much. If I remember rightly 12 was sort of real time too and I liked that one alot, gameplay wise it was similar to a single player version of the mmo. Maybe I'll pick up 15 soon, I got given farcry primal which looks interesting too but I want to finish up with fallout first and get some painting done too, I get really hooked on games so painting suffers (and the same with painting, I get hooked and want to paint all the time once I get going)

    I had to Google nier automata but it looks interesting, I rarely buy games for full price these days, it seems a waste of money when you can get them so much cheaper a few months down the line.

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    I love what you've done to the skin, MAXXxxx. If I had any great tips for the hair, I'd let you know. I'll watch your efforts with interest!
    She's looking great!

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    Altough it can be hardly seen, but some parts of the tube are repainted with the same color as the knuckles.
    Plus progress on the hair. I like it this way more, but on photo still doesn't look the best.

    Name:  online_wip_4.jpg
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    and some fun with planes + decals: Macross Delta VF-31-s (limited, deculture editions)

    Name:  vf_31_deculture.jpg
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    I am starting lo like it a lot, all the work on the hair has been worthy!
    Macross planes look colourful and fun... did you mounted them from kits or "just" applied the decals?
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    These planes are pretty small (about 1/200 scale) ones with few parts (about 15-20 total) and the pics are packaged with them. Normally you can buy them individually for about $5, but this one was a ltd edition because of the transparent plastic + images, all 5 in one box.
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    The changes look great. Love the additional brass touches and the hair looks 10x better.

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    The bust is Fantastic! Really like the planes too.
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    Yeah the hair looks great now. Much smoother I think!

    The Macross jets are interesting. Is the plastic translucent?
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    Yes, the plastic is translucent on these SE ones.

    Wanted to paint a bust quickly, having an ok quality, but mostly having it painted fast instead painting to the best I could do. Still took most of saturday to do.
    Name:  soldier_wip.jpg
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    And what's on the desk
    The gaming ships are glued together, but some (battleship for example) needs gap filling before I can go on to prime them.
    There are some kitbashed corvettes made from leftover frigatte bits.
    And of course the big 2UP KS battleship... pinned most of it together, but lots of prep work needed still. Turrets are not glued as they'd interfere with painting. I also need to find a way to drill a deeper hole for the rod as it's quite unstable right now.
    Name:  DFC_2.jpg
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    I'd need some ideas on color schemes for the 2up Beijing.

    As there is the official studio paintjob, and about that's all that's out there...

    I don't know if the following would work:
    - Armor panels: (black)-dark grey - medium grey - pastel green - (ivory (edges only)), glazes of VGC-Sepia Ink (dark reddish brown)
    - Some panel accents: (pale sand) - ivory - white, glazes of some pastel red (VMC-BeigeRed or LightFlesh)
    - metal parts... black metal - boltgun - steel, glazes of black ink
    - engine glow: blue - light turqoise - white ?
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    which one to use? left or right?

    One is pretty tame, the other is more striking, but at the same time feels a bit like xwing/heroclix/dnd mini base.

    Name:  DFC_Base.jpg
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    and now back to wasting time with Nier-Automata.
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    Is that the bust from the movie Fury? Looks eerily similar to Brad Pitt, Nice A+++ work either way!!!

    The battleships look hard and I mean long and hard to paint, but if it turns out like your other work that I have been following, it's sure to be a game changer.

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    That Droid-Girl-bust is looking awesome. I just wish you had some pics with a better lighting setup to see it clearer. Especially the skin I assume is great.

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    Well bust ist officially not from Fury, but in reality it cerainly is.

    Battleships... not too bad, the gaming ones are done, will take pics this afternoon, the 2up is primed and has some basic shading added wia airbrush. After basecoating the metallic parts, it'll need an oil wash for the panel lines, then I wanted mostly to edge highlight it. No idea if I'll do a panel-by-panel transition.
    Aaand some more ships: 1 KS exclusive Atlantis arrived, is primed and waiting for 6 more cruisers (one of them being an extra KS exclusive Avalon) and 12 more frigattes before I paint it further.

    Hendarion: when I take pictures of the fleet so far I'll try to take 'proper' pictures of the last 2 busts too this afternoon.
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    So the promised pictures:

    First a bit better picture of the US soldier. It's made by Young Miniatures and called Hell on wheels. So I'm pretty sure it's Brad Pitt from Fury.
    Name:  Marine_wip2.jpg
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    A much better pic from the "Online" from Pedro Fernandez.
    Name:  Online_wip4.jpg
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    I really regret, that I have no bust bases, so I can't finish them until after eastern. At my parents I have about 15 new ones, but forgot to bring them to here... Pech.

    Aaand the UCM fleet. The Atlantis will stay black until the last part (+6 cruisers and +12 fregattes) arrive and are assembled. For me having them at this level it's best if they are batch painted.
    Name:  UCM_wip3.jpg
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    Colors for future reference:
    - Armor : airbrushed: Black - Spectralite Gray5 - 1:1 mix of Gray5 and WhiteGrey - VAC White Gray ; drybrush of VMC Ivory, shade with Tamiya Panel liner black ; some edges are done with VAC White Grey
    - Light parts: VAC - DuckEggGreen, VMC-Ivory
    - Front greenish Panel: 2:1 DuckEggGreen:VGC-OliveGreen, Edges with VAC-DuckEggGreen, middle part highlighted with dry Vallejo white pigment
    - Metals : VAC - Gunmetal , shade with Tamiya Panel liner black
    - Windows: VMC - Deep Yellow
    - Torpedo / some missiles: VAC-FireRed
    - Engineglow (not seen on pic): VMC-SkyBlue, 1:1, VAC-White
    - Base marking: VMC-Pastel Blue

    And finally the 2UP Beijing battleship. Painting will be basically the same as the normal sized ships, but without any drybrush, with more edge highlights and some more glazes/color variations, better transitions.
    Turrets are held on with prayers, not glue atm. They will be painted separetly.
    Name:  UP_wip1.jpg
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    Online bust is looking lovely MAXXxxx, really great development from the early stages. Depth of tone in the blue shades and shadows is lush

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    Everything's looking great Max. Both busts are awesome, I'm particularly fond of the Brad Pitt one, I loved Fury.
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    Beautiful work on the online automat, I think it's my favourite from them both. "Brad Pitt" is great work too, although I find him a bit "suntanned" and I really like the cool skin effects on the automat.
    Spaceships look pretty cool already, I like how you painted them because they look like the "real thing" do not know how exactly express this, but sometimes spaceships look overly colourful for just being a transport/war thing.
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    Poor Beijing. Still waiting to be painted after the basic AB work. Instead I painted the other one, the PHR-Ajax

    Name:  PHR_2up.jpg
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    Aaand while I didn't get any newsletter or similar, but today I saw that Nocturna minis has 2 new minis that interest me, the Lilith bust and a 75mm Lucifer (good companion to the 75mm Lilith)
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    So plans for this year:
    First is quite unusual for me, as I accepted 2 commissions because I found the minis interesting enough.
    One of them is the Yncarnae for 40K, the other is Tam Lin from the Stephanie Law masterworks from Dark Sword minis. From these 2 I fear a bit the later as the official paintjob has set a pretty high bar.

    Then there are 2 armies that I'd like to work on (no idea if I manage these or not):
    - Vile Tis I started (and done nothing since) in 2015
    - Aliens

    ... M61A5 Tank I started in 2014 and I may have to restart from undercoat...
    Super VF-1

    And these (they are on the desk collecting dust waiting for something to happen).
    Name:  2017-04-07 07.05.47.jpg
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    That is of course unless I get DISTRACTED by something new.

    Somehow I don't feel I'll manage to paint all I'd want/need to.
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