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    well technically the paint is mostly plastic so at about 175C it should be alright (might run a little) but probably biggest issue would be off-gassing as it partially melts. There are topics about it for baking acrylic on glass, but they are talking about some specific craft paint that can withstand heat. Best bet would be to just get a small piece of metal (could probably just use aluminum foil) and see what happens. I would probably use a toaster oven instead of the house oven just in case something goes bad or there are some bad smelling fumes that might not go away and that way you could do it out doors so the house doesn't smell. Also, make sure your paints are free of anything like Cadmium or Cobalt as they could cause toxic fumes when heated. Here is a link to one of the directions for painting on glassware:

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    possibly bad smelling + toxic.... I think I'll rather go with the first option, that behaves just like any other transfer sheet from GW or scale models.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    to be honest, not necessarily toxic (although some do say they have cadmium - I know of at least one Vajello yellow paint that does) and not knowing which brand you are going to use I just wanted to through that out just in case as you don't want cadmium laced smoke filling the house. As for smell, I am at least partly guessing as acrylic is just a plastic base and plastic never smells good when it is heated too high. That being said I have never tried this so if there are crafters using acrylic on glass it shouldn't be that bad but I would probably look up the craft paint specifically used for baking onto project. I think these or equivalent would work: but not sure how they would spray through your airbrush.
    It might be helpful if you ask some craft people at a local store as they would probably have more experience doing this

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    I'd need the opinions of you painters.

    Altough I know I shouldn't buy whole paint sets as I might use 30-40 colors regularly from the 100+ ones (rest is rarely used or not touched at all), but I might give up on this and buy a whole set.

    The question is which one would be better:
    - Scale75 basic + extension + Fantasy sets (64+48+48 colors in the usual dropper bottles): pro: really great flat colors , con: takes up a lot of space
    - Scale75's Artist colors (48 tubes of heavy body acrylics): pro: good pigments, mixing is a thing here, con:no idea how good they are, don't always like to mix colors
    - wait for Nocturna's new paint range: pro: great, strong pigments, probably matt as well, con: could take months to be available
    - Just use Schminke's Primacryl range: pro: great pigments, normal tube is a LOT, con: pretty expensive for a good range

    - forget buying them, just revive the Rackham set I found: pro: nice colors (especially if I try to replicate some Rackham paintjobs on the Conf figures I have), con: some color may have dryed by now, not that many shades in the set.
    - forget buying new ones, just use/update the vallejo I currently use: pro: no change in tech, cheap to buy 1-2 replacements per month(s), con: none of the good shades that I like from those above
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    Hey bud, good to see you. Can you buy the good shades that you like from those you like above, or at least a few of them? If you sampled from all four ranges, perhaps you could identify the brand you want to invest in and buy a set.
    Let’s see what you’re painting these days, bud!

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    I haven't painted anything that's a high enough quality. Only did some ttq level things, like a LotR Mahud army and a few simple GW figures (Eldar farseer, Genestealer cult magus, 1-2 others from gw), that I successfully taken to hungary and forgot to take pictures...

    All I did since eastern:
    - dropfleet Scourge dreadnought
    - dropfleet UCM dreadnought
    - the mentioned GW figures (are now in hu)
    - LotR Mahud army, that I'll take to the armies on parade this weekend (but don't expect anything as they are simple paintjobs with the contrast paints)
    - LotR Army of the Dead (so far only did the new king + standard box, waiting for the warriors)
    - B2 anime figure repaint in red.

    + made a few custom steelbooks for PS4 games. The last 2 turned out quite ok, the others before them less so. And I'd still need to tweak the process as it's far from perfect.

    As what's on the desk now:
    - GW Slaanesh enrapturess (aim is simple ttq)
    - GW BB Halfling (also ttq aim)
    - GW black fortress eldar (ttq again)
    - 1 e2046 and 1 nutsplanet busts... they should be aimed at display level, but no idea when I get to them (they are basecoated and waiting since april)

    what brings me to the question. As I see on 1st december the GD hungary will be held again and I don't know if I should go or not. They say they'll have 11 demos of different games (most likely at least 1 of 40k and 1 aos among them) and the painting competition.
    Now the demos have very little interest and I haven't painted anything that's competition ready in the last year.
    So I don't know if buying a plane ticket + 4x 200km taxi + entry fee + at least a day of hotel is worth it or not. Realisticly it doesn't but one of the only way to meet friends and LoneLemming from here for example.
    Should I go or not ? can't decide.
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    Looks like you had quite a bit on your plate (even if just TTQ). As for going to GD in Hungary, while I can't tell you yes or no because it all really depends on how it would affect you financially and on a personal level, I guess the biggest questions you have to ask yourself is:
    1. Do I have the money to pay for it (airfare, hotel, taxi's, etc) with out it causing any problems
    2. How much do you want to meet up with friends
    3. Since the game demos are not really a reason for you to go, how bad do you want to see the other people's work that enter
    4. Would going motivate you to paint something above TTQ to take to the contest (given that you only have about 45 days to paint it)

    I would say if you have no issues with three or more of the above (could answer "yes" to 1 and 4 or "very much" to 2 and 3) then it would probably be worth it to go. If you haven't been to Hungary before you could always treat it as a mini vacation and explore the area as well since you don't have to just stay at the GD event the whole time.
    Best of luck in what ever you decide though

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    1. is ok, especially as I checked the plane tickets yesterday and were below 100 euro (instead of the normal 350-ish)
    2. the thing is they may not go there at all (they haven't for the 2017-2018 GD)
    3. 50%
    4. not that much, but there is no 45 days to paint it as in a week or 2 3 games are released that are interesting to me (disgaea 4+, Atelier Ryza, Death Stranding) and one of those can take more of the time.

    I'm originally from hu, and were attending the GD from 2009-2016, so it's not that new.
    Just last 2 years they messed up a bit with the organisation:
    - GD2017 was held in jan2018, just a week after I returned here for work
    - GD2018 in march 2019 with no advertisement, so I saw the time 3 days before it was held and taking days off and organising travel was not possible
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Then I would say verify if your friends will be there or not and use that as your main factor in determining if you will go. Only other reason I would say to go is if you have family in Hungary and want to visit them.

    having the GD with little to no advertisement is really poorly run!

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