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    Default WIP Merc Galleon Colossal

    Working on this fella for a friend heading to Templecon this year...

    work continues...

    Updated Jan 31/13
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    nice work so far. what are your impressions on the Merc Galleon Colossal so far?

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    do you mean game wise? or painting wise? Game wise I've not fielded it yet. Painting wise it has been fun, there are so many ways one could paint this guy.

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    Nice Idea to make a series of videos. Seems like you had to clean off a lot of flash and mould lines. I hate prep work, so hats off for the patience you showed. Painting seems to come along nicely too, hope you post more updates soon.

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    That thing is immense! Looks cool though and interesting to watch your videos. I like seeing how other people approach their projects.

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    Thanks, clean the mold lines from the resin was nothing major, clean pewter mold lines can be a pain. Especially when you get that little step in the model where the mold is misaligned, and it's a pain to file the surface flat.... The model wasn't too much work to assemble, I added steps by magnetizing it... which was a bit tricky as the torso is hollow.

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