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    I had a similar thought myself, about differing factions emphasising some aspects or type. I like the idea or air/mobile but it may be a doozy to balance out.

    Nice thing though is that it will be about a year that all these ideas can be playtested and balanced out. The biggest change may be the board itself, if we move out of the trenches. Terrain variants , open country/cityscapes will create variety and perhaps the new factions will be designed with this in mind?

    It will be interesting once the game is more widely and independently played, ifpeople develop their own strategies for Allied/Blight. It will be then that questions of balance will inevitably arise again and possibly guide the future development of the new factions.

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    Well, that could be a possibility. I think definitely a variant terrain pack needs to be made. We talked about a snow terrain, an urban terrain, or a sea/island terrain. Possibly 1/2 of the gameplay difference (but still be the same) could be built into the terrain. An urban terrain could limit movements/attacks by only having squares *around* buildings (you can't walk/shoot through buildings), just as the island terrain would limit movement to on land (and require new carrier/transport figures).

    I also wouldn't mind an air terrain,that is only clouds and would only be for air unit battles......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Terranova View Post
    @Ozz - Janisarry units for sure. You can count on it
    Sounds good ^^

    a few thought about "ottoman" Heroes or for unit names, like tanks.

    Saladin, not a real ottoman, but too important to forget
    Murad I, the founder of the Janissary
    Mehmet II, the conqueror of Constantinople
    Enver Pascha, a good general, but a little crazy, because he wanted to win back all the parts of the former Ottoman Empire
    Kemal Pascha, Founder of the Turkish Republic, a well known mastermind(Ataturk)
    Sabiha Gökçen, Turkey's first female pilot and the first fighter pilot in the world
    Tahsin Yazici, the Turkish commander in Korea, trivia: without ammunition, he defeated a superior force of the Chinese in the Korean War with bayonets, fists and stones in melee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nezumiiro View Post
    In the GBA's "Advance Wars," the Yellow Comet Army had that post-imperialistic wartime Japan look that I think would translate very well to Rivet Wars. Nijatoes made some decent papercraft, but to see actual cast figures would be sweet!

    Attachment 18713

    Im glad I wasn't the only one thinking Advance Wars this whole time.

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    Keeping this game as a little advanced board game is so far away now. I think this could grow and compete with warhammer and warmachine types hehe.
    2 person playing the core game took 45 min, minus the explanation let say 30 min. imagine with all those units on the field and 4 players. HA!

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    Well, I for one hope it does not get as far as competing with Warhammer or Warmachine. Not that I do not want the game to grow, but the GW or PP model seems to be to continuously pump out new models and rules till your original rules fall over under the conflicting special exemptions at which point you completely reinvent the game , ignoring your loyal supporters. I fervently hope that Rivet Wars never becomes a must have the new uber model/codex/faction to win sort of game.

    I would rather have a tight game with carefully thought out expansions/factions etc, that stay as much as possible balanced within the original ruleset concepts. If the game continues to provide a good gaming experience and continues to be fan supportive, I will cheerfully part with more money and buy in to the newness.

    So far I can only say that the enthusiasm of Ted for the project and his willingness to keep us informed are big plusses, as I wait to get my hands on the game and get down to playing

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    i wouldnt mind an alien faction, invasion style, enemies cooporate to kick out the alien scum. cool little flying saucers and walkers

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    Quote Originally Posted by yazza View Post
    i wouldnt mind an alien faction, invasion style, enemies cooporate to kick out the alien scum. Cool little flying saucers and walkers
    flying saucers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Any chance getting some more info on the future of Rivet Wars now that Eastern Front is right around the corner?

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    Hey Shan. Sure. Man, looking back on this thread is pretty cool. I love all the enthusiasm.

    The next thing we'd like to do is the Ruska (Russian like) and the Ottoman (Turkish like). Right now the thinking is to make it more urban combat like a Stalingrad type thing. Buildings, rivers, bridges, etc. We have tried some really cool ideas and have lots of things we'd like to do with this next round of minis/games to expand the rules and the world. Visually I'm really excited by these two factions and the powers their heroes could have. Also this'd be great if you had an Eastern Front core box and your friend then got these "Western Front" sets. You could combine them for some massive battles! And I've always felt more factions means more choices, variety and fun.

    For now I'd like to keep the factions based on historical armies and nations. And trying to keep the tech somewhat believable and functional, turn of the century looking. But of course that slider can move depending on the faction. The Ottoman so far have a very classical ornamental look to their stuff contrasted with the stark hard edge and punched metal look of the Ruska.

    That's probably more than I should say this early on It all could change but I like being transparent with you guys so you can see things as they evolve. And thanks again for all the support!

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    Ted, that sounds awesome!
    If I wasn't already sold on "Western Front" I would be after hearing about the new terrain you guys are thinking up.
    May i make one small suggestion? Terrain that integrates into the previous tiles. For instance, a few tiles that show where ruined city starts melding into trench or snow or however it is done in the future. I just think that it gets a little jarring in games like this where they give you so many types of terrain that in no way match up. And it ruined the perfectly good opportunity to add a dynamic feel to the board. Seeing the detail of a road degrading into duckboards or even open ground. And from the look of the maps you would only need to designate like 4 tiles as "segue" pieces.
    I am so excited to get playing once things ship out. And don't wait too long to get "Western Front" started, I can't give you money fast enough!

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    I glad that you are adding on a lot more cool things and I can see from this one post you have moved forward quite a ways. Great. But how are you going to deal with nations who are isolated by water from the other protagonist? Even Blight and Ruska are mostly seperated by water?

    I really do like the idea of a city- scape with more emphases on the infantry and (hopefully) limited tank play. That would make things less rock-paper-sissors as some complain about (not me). Also with Ruska you can do open plain warfare and give them heavy tanks to match the blight.

    Of all the KS starters I have done, this one has me the most excited to paint, play and display!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance King View Post
    I glad that you are adding on a lot more cool things and I can see from this one post you have moved forward quite a ways. Great. But how are you going to deal with nations who are isolated by water from the other protagonist? Even Blight and Ruska are mostly seperated by water?
    I like the idea of the Western Front being an urban scenario. Then the Far Eastern Front could be a water scenario.....

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    Blight and Allied rivet ships? Wow the scale and size would be huge. So it would have to use a different "scale" or else stick to invasion scenarios (which would work well with this spawn system. You would have to assume seaborne (at least local) supremacy for the side that was invading. So many possibilities!

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    If you wanted ships, you could stick to one- or two-man ships. In the Rivet-verse, I think it would make sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnbobhardy View Post
    If you wanted ships, you could stick to one- or two-man ships. In the Rivet-verse, I think it would make sense.
    I would create three ship sizes: a single, double and triple mount for plug ins. That way ships could be customized as destroyers, cruisers and battleships. The plugs could determine light and heavy in each class. Each players navy could then be unique without too many molds to make. Aircraft carriers were not a force to be deaklt with circa WW1.

    The real question is do Rivet players want navies?

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    I want simple WWII beach-landing ships to transport/deploy small troops. Then also Navies (the equivalent of those Super Heavy Tanks). Attack by sea is as cool as attack by air. That type of gameplay will be different enough to warrant buying another whole Rivet Wars set. More of the same.....how many similar factions do you need? Each time we add to the game, it should *add* to the game.
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    Ted designed this game so we would never play checkers. Each side has very different stuff. If he does that again then we can have other factions for both visual and play differences. Remember each front in WW1 was not the same. Read Rommel's Infantry Attacks book especially the part when he fought in Italy. Very different than France.

    Oh and Ted PLEASEEEEEEEE no aliens and no Zombies.
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    Please Ted make a Stalin figure for the Ruska nation. Now the question is what would his buff be......
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