Regarding the base game Heros @Ted
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Thread: Regarding the base game Heros @Ted

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    Default Regarding the base game Heros @Ted

    Ted, I hope you see this and respond. I was wondering, since I know a few people would love an extra set of the base game heros without having to pay for the full retail game, will there be any plans to sell just those 4 on their own?

    Great work on this project, I belive you have created somthing uniqe here that will easily rise up to sit with the big games out there like catan! I can't wait for september!

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    I don't think there are plans to release the heroes on there own. But who knows, maybe sometime down the line. Right now they're the core heroes though and only come in the core box. Glad you like the game and thanks for the kind words

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