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    Hi !

    I'm a fan of Rivet Wars, and a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign. As the Kickstarter advanced, I was thinking more and more about what stretch goals I would like, and I had an idea for an Ally hero character.

    As I have some experience in 3D modelling and 3D printing, I decided to prototype my idea, and here you have the result, Major Albion (a character inspired by WWII Captain America, of course).
    I've done the mini in the last two evenings, I had the idea in the head for several weeks, but I was too busy at work. So yesterday, when I got at last a quiet evening, I took Blender and I began to model...

    I guess there could be some licence problems, so maybe we won't ever have it as an official mini...
    Anyways, Ted, if toy want to use the idea, do it, of course! If you want the 3D model, you can have it too.
    And if you don't want, or it you think it can create licencing problems, I guess I'm printing several copies it for myself And I will send you a painted one, to thank you for creating such a nice game and setting!

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    I like your hero, looks cute.

    Probably more touch up / variation to him such as an orange cape behind his costume, a shoulder plate, a new gem-slot belt, use a boomerang instead of gun, cowboys shoes as well as hexagon shield, allied or blight style details like logos etc, will avoid the licence issues.

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    I have thought of a "CAP" resembling hero aslo to match the "SKULL" resembling one, but havent visualize it. This is nice, but I think if this is going out, they will put in the western front version hehehe. and I think the helmet should resemble the one in the movie, but that looks great too.

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    Looks nice, I'd sign up for a Cap

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