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    How hard would it be for CMON to have something for the campaigns where the scenarios pop up with a small sidescrolling sort of comic, which then gives battle orders. (Similar to angry birds between worlds) so we set up and play, then continue. when we are finished, we input our scores. Different score combinations create different outcomes in the "comic." Maybe 8 different possible outcomes for the world map campaign. Maybe certain battles that were won/lost create other battles not normally available or needed. It would be fun and have a lot of replayablilty, trying to unlock the different strings in the rivet timeline. Maybe it could even have "special instructions" saying that at "turn x click here" and a special instruction come over the telegraph, that could direct each player what to do that turn... I'm just spitballing here.

    Zombicide has their app and a tile creator. Why let rivet wars have something on the same level??
    Rando Commando

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    I am sure all ideas are being considered, People we need to have some patience, the KS just ended and the first surveys haave not gone out yet and we are clamouring for more already. though its a good idea!

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    people are rabid for this game - i take it as a good sign.

    @knightshade, are you talking about digital content that could enhance gameplay? i'm really liking the idea of tile creator app, & digital campaigns that you could download (or pull-up on a mobile device/computer) & play through with a series of games. keep the ideas coming!

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