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Thread: Vert tank too small?

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    Default Vert tank too small?

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    Just seen this picture, Is vert. tank too small?
    It will be even smaller than the cute sturmpanzer...

    just a slight bigger version of rivet and R100?... an android (human form / size)

    Probably at least ~10 to 20% bigger? it is a tank, at least able to fit 1 person spaciously?

    (Just to discuss, I'm ok if that is fixed)

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    The vert tank, as well as the rivet, both look a little smaller than I expected (when compared to the coins). However I think the size of the tank is good relative to the rivet. From what little I know about the rules from the game play videos, I think there would be a huge advantage being able to put 4 of these in a square (or grid?) or use one of these to screen rivets in the same square (or grid?).

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    This is probably the best reference. Ted's original i dont think the size is far offf but Im not sure about two rivets sharing.

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    i think he's re-working the scale, per this post he made during the KS campaign:

    found here:
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    I think that looks to be about the same scale. Were the Rivet on a base, his helmet would come up to the "mail slot" on the vertical tank - which is what the acorn picture showed...

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    Bubo is correct. As Binary noticed the original design was a little small. So if you look at the image Bubo just posted the vert tank is about 30% larger or so. This makes it a 2x1, makes it believable that two rivets are squeezed in there and it allows for a plug to be added. If you haven't seen this and are building your own vert tank this cross section image might be helpful

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    How come only the bottom guy gets a "bathroom hatch"?

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    I see , thanks all for the clarification (I come to believe it's where vert tank beef up horizontally a bit as discussed before)

    Anyway, It make lot a more sense for a tank in the bigger scale (either horizontally or vertically)
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