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    Default painting bone

    need some help with painting bone.
    i have been doing the bleached bone then wash with chestnut ink and dry brush with bone
    I know their must be a better way of doing this can anyone give me a better way ?

    thanks for the help

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    Try Basecoat of Vomit Brown, then blend in Bleached bone, working up to pure B.B.
    Edge light with 50/50 mix Bleached bone & Skull white.

    Alternative method try Vomit brown or Bubonic Brown as basecoat, Very thin wash of Snakebite leather over he top then mix Bleached bone, up to Skull White.

    Hope it helps.

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    My Method (as seen on my Battered Skeletal Troll)

    Most of my colors are from Vallejo. I start with a coat of Cork Brown, and after that dries I mix Winsor/newton brown ink, Brown Glaze, Smoke, and Cork Brown. I thin this down to the consistancy of milk with my bottle of 75% water and 25% Future floor polish. I wash all the bone parts with this mixture.

    I then roughly drybrush the whole model with Cork Brown, and then start doing highlights (not drybrushed) with successive mixtures of Cork Brown -> Pale Sand -> White.

    It\'s a fairly quick method for decent results. The above miniature probably took 4 hours total (not including drying times after basing and washing) .

    I think the most important part is the wash, especially Vallejo\'s Smoke -- it\'s really interesting to work with and I think it works well with bone.

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    I start with an ivory, then wash with burnt seinna, then follow with a wash of burnt umber or black - highlight the teeth and its done.

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    To offer a fast alternative to the other great methods already given; I basecoat dark brown, then drybrush with bone, and highlight with a bone/white mix (I don\'t have any set proportions, just add white until it looks right).
    This technique leaves all of the recesses brown and looks nice and dirty, like the flesh wasn\'t removed properly or it\'s been burried in the dirt for a while. I don\'t like to wash bone, I think it makes the transitions too fluid between light and dark.
    Photo Reference for a real dirty skeleton.

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    Default BONE

    For bone i use a basecoat of scorched brown then I begin highlights with bestial, then snakebite, then bubonic, then bleached, then, sometimes up to pure white, because the colors are so close together on the color wheel this requires little, or no mixing or blending. Hope this helps.


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    Default leverocks

    You guys Rock thanks for all the help
    if any one has anything else to post do so all the help the better

    thanks again

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    Default Bone

    If you want it to look different have a go with this:

    50/50 Fiery Orange/Chaos Black mix as a base coat (lighten or darken by adding more of either of the base colours)

    Highlight by mixing the base coat with bleached bone incrementally

    Highlight further by mixing in Skull White

    Works out as a fairly drab but good looking bone and works great on detailing, though I wouldn\'t recommend it for a whole model.

    You can ink it with browns (FW Sepia & Burnt Umber works really well) but you can get some spectacular effects with \"odd\" coloured inks like olive green, yellow, magenta & purple as long as you work them into the shadows fairly minimally & carefully :)

    Sounds odd but is worth a try, recommend digging out the bottom of your bits box for guinea pigs

    Good Luck ;)

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    Default Bone Technique

    I think the best way to make bones look good is to prime the figure black, and carefully basecoat each individual bone with Bleached Bone. Wash it with a mixture of black and brown, then drybrush it with Bleached Bone. That\'s how I get the effect seen on my necromancer:

    Good luck!


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