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Thread: Rivet Wars Dice Tower - Only $20

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    Default Rivet Wars Dice Tower - Only $20

    Check out the cool Rivet Wars dice tower at:

    Meet the latest and greatest in Dice Tower engineering commissioned by none other than Cool Mini or Not for the Kickstarter miniatures board game Rivet Wars! For this limited time offer, you can get the one and only Rivet Wars Dice Tower designed and constructed by Tectonic Craft Studios. This boiler engine styled piece comes in at 4.25" wide, 7.5" deep, and 7.0" tall with well-designed internal structure to roll your dice fairly every time. This special offer is only available for a short while so get it while you can!For those of you who order this perfect gaming accessory for any dice rolling tabletop game, please expect delivery in September 2013.

    Evidently the initial run is just 700, and we had almost 2,500 backers. Be warned though, shipping fees vary (supposedly it's $50 to ship overseas)
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    Yep, ordered mine within a minute of getting the email haha. Coolest. Dice Tower. Ever. And having a Rivet Wars logo is just gravy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tauwolf View Post
    Yep, ordered mine within a minute of getting the email haha. Coolest. Dice Tower. Ever. And having a Rivet Wars logo is just gravy.
    Same here. Couldn't resist it.

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    Neither did I waste anytime ordering mine. Can't wait!

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    Killed by the $25 shipping to UK I'm afraid, hopefully they will get imported.

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    was $50 shipping to the UK yesterday, that's at least a small improvement. It does look very cool but $45 is another tank or two!

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    Same here... the shipping cost is just to high... better invested in extra turrets!

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    Just ordered mine as well. Thank you for the heads up on this neat little item. Great value for what you are getting and more so when you count in the theme.
    I was born to do this.
    -Joan of Arc-

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    Due to some unexpected repairs and hardware calibrations to our laser cutter beyond the standard/routine maintenance, we have experienced some production delays. As such, the Rivet Wars Dice Towers are still in production. I cannot quote an exact time for their finish, however they are our top priority and will be shipped as soon as they are completed.
    Sigh. This is delayed as well.

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    One would think that they would post this type of information on their website but there is nothing about such delay. Truth be told I do not how much longer I am going to give them before requesting a full refund.

    i suspect that this reply only came after binarysunrise e-mailed them. Does anyone know anything about this business? If I recall I remember someone saying to watch out for them but this dice tower looked so great I think maybe it clouded my judgement.
    I was born to do this.
    -Joan of Arc-

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    I was wondering what had happened to these. I'll keep my order in. I can wait.

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    I just sent the following email to Kickstarted@tectoniccraftstudios.com

    "This is the only contact I was able to find on your website.

    I ordered a Rivet Wars Dice Tower many months ago, and expected delivery is still shown on the website as September. When can I expect to receive this item?

    The website looks like it hasn't been seriously updated in around a year. Is Tectonic Craft Studios still in business?

    I look forward to your prompt reply."

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    And today I receive this:

    "Dear <snip>,

    All of the items from order #1035 have now been shipped:

    1x Rivet Wars Dice Tower

    They are being shipped to the following address:


    Thank you for ordering from Tectonic Craft Studios!"

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    I had almost forgotten about this tower until you bumped the thread.

    Sent an email last night asking about mine and was told they were all shipping this week and next week.

    We'll see how that develops.

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    I got my notifcation last week on it shipping.

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    Not to be too pessimistic, but on the 27th their email claimed the item had been shipped (but no tracking info given). A week later and I haven't received it, when deliveries to this area generally are never more than a few days (local Fedex and UPS hubs). And two days ago Classic gets an email saying they are shipping this week and next (but mine was supposedly sent last week?). I guess I'm putting less stock in their sudden spurt of conflicting communication and waiting till I have product in my hands.

    I am generally very willing to work with companies in these matters, but one of my hot-buttons is when they have poor communication and then when they do communicate they generally just tell the customer what they want to hear. I'm not saying I won't receive this product, and I'm not saying it won't be an awesome dice tower when I do receive it -- but I am saying Tectonic Craft Studios isn't passing my smell test.

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    I got mine on Monday as well. Spent last night putting it together. It's a very nice kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YeaYuh View Post
    Got mine on Monday.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tauwolf View Post
    I got mine on Monday as well. Spent last night putting it together. It's a very nice kit.
    Ooh nice! Hopefully mine is almost here then.

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