BIG meteor over Russia.
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Thread: BIG meteor over Russia.

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    Default BIG meteor over Russia.

    Here's some footage of a meteor that blew up today over Russia. Sorry to hear of the damage and injuries. The event itself is pretty amazing though.
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    I cannot imagine what was going through those folks' minds when this took place.

    I'd be trying to bend over to kiss my own a$$ goodbye!

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    I saw footage of that. It's pretty mind-boggling (and when did everyone in Russia get a camera running full time in their car?).

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    Both Fran and I have witnessed meteors before, (Nereid shower in November) and the speed and brightness was amazing.
    BUT nothing anywhere as large, impressive or as damaging as this one and that was just the shockwave.

    I have no doubt that our world is at risk from larger impacts, and the near miss last night (asteroid 2012 Da14) had it actually been inbound was estimated to be capable of wiping out London or most of New York.
    Perhaps instead of protesting X,YorZ we Sci Fi fans need to start protesting aboud protecting our planet from meteors.
    (Just the planet, ain't so sure about the population.)
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    wow, best compilation so far. It literally blows my mind when I see it. Would shit myself if I were there though!

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