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    heya everyone.
    i've been lurking on on here for far too long now, too timid to put up my minis. it's time to bite the bullet and see what you guys think of my work in progress and how i can improve it. i am very new to painting and really want to improve my skills, and from all the awesome minis on these threads this seems like a great place to do that.

    i am currently working on a piece for my mother's birthday, which is coming up soon, and i wanted to do something that would really push my skills. i decided to go for a mini called The Hunter. she is a very spunky character which has the same tough, no nonsense attitude as her. mum hasn't been the biggest supporter of this hobby, so i wanted to paint something for her that would really wow her socks off. i also want to practice some of the more complex techniques like NMM and freehand on this piece

    i've started with putting the base shadow and highlight down, to show me where the light and shadow will fall. it's very basic and rough, but i will be coming in and smoothing everything up. i've started to place down some dark red for some of the hard to reach cloth areas and a dark blue everywhere that has a potential difficulty for me to get my brush into. for the skin highlights, i am going for a bluish highlight, and a warmer purple brown shadow. i don't want to put too much contrast into the face area, as i still want her to look young and slightly stylised.

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    Good start. Who makes the figure?
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    nice you got your wip up claire, cant wait for some updates here looking good so far!

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    hey guys. thank you very much for the nice comments.
    as grefven said, she is Kabuki Model, and a very nice one too.

    anyway, it was my birthday on sunday, and i've finally left the teenage years behind. i had a lot of fun up in Auckland with my old school friends, throwing flowerbombs and "killing" each other with paper swords. i got a little sick afterwards from the flower but it was well worth the fun i had. my parents also spoiled me by giving me this:

    i've had a go with it and it works really well. will definately be using it for some basing projects in the future.

    speaking of projects, i've done some more work on the hunter.

    (sorry for bad photos, it's difficult to get a good photo in focus)
    i was using a different brand of primer to undercoat the mini than my usual, and i did not like how big the tooth of the primer was. it was very rough and it was showing up promiently on the mini. i decided to completely redo the face with a thicker basecoat (which is not my style to do) to attempt to get rid of the tooth. after several stuffups i managed to get a good skin blend, although the photo does't show it well. there are still areas where there are visible breakups in the skin (like some scratch like marks on her left cheek), but i decided, since the time i have to get this mini done is fast running out, i need to move on to the other parts of it (also, while you guys and i will notice the scratches, mum won't). the skin is almost finished, just have the lining, some highlights, eyes, and lips to paint. i've mostly completed the hair too. i wanted it to be quite matte, but i'll see if i need to add more shine when more of the mini is done. i've mostly completed the bag of orc/rotting heads in the bag (i used the rough tooth to my advantage here) and will see if i want to additionally smooth etc before painting in the netting. the black leather pants are in the process of blocking/smoothing. i am finding it rather difficult to paint with a thicker basecoat.

    it has been very slow for mini painting at the moment. there is a big drought here, and the heat makes it impossible to paint for half the day, even with a wet palette. also, there is a lot of dust in the air which makes it hard to not get particles in the paint. i usually either paint at night or early in the morning.

    this is the back of the farm right now. not very "Green New Zealand", but good badlands refrence.

    i manage to get my chores and jobs done and we have a bore, so we don't have water restrictions like in the towns, so it's not all bad. if i am feeling particularily hot when doing a farm chore i can always cool off like the dogs do

    anyway, i have to get back to my chores now. i hope i can get mum's present done in time,but with uni starting next week i don't know if i can.

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    yeek, it's been a long LONG hiatus, but i've been busy too!

    update on the huntress mini, unfortunately she failed, after a misshap with some varnish, i lost most of the brocade work i had done on her. istill managed to get her finished in time for mum's birthday, but not nearly to the standard i wanted to.

    the pledges for the kickstarter projects i backed have started arriving, most notably the evil baby orphanage one by wyrd. i do love the art style and the card game, and my level included some pretty coool stuff too, like colouring books and signed copies of the game. but the most important part of the pledge were the minis. i am finding these a joy to paint, even though i was wary about their size at first (they're 15mm). they are fun to paint, allowing for a surprising amount of experimentation, easy to clean, and the sculpts are just plain adorable.

    here is the WIP for Lizzie Boden, the one i'm working on at the moment.

    Name:  IMG_0113_zps76220bbe.jpg
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Size:  55.0 KB

    as you can see she's still got a long way to go, i am more playing around than anything at the moment. also this WIP is rather old, i'll update you all with newer WIPs and other goodies from my vaious incomplete draws. constructive critisim is appericiated.

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    That's too bad about the huntress but this new one looks promising. I can see all kinds of potential for a really cool base for her.

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    thanks Milosh. i practically cried when it happened. the brocade was the part of the mini i had invested the most time in, and one little slip of the brush... ah well. i guess i can get another one when i am ready to paint her again.
    i'm hoping i can achieve that. an awesome mini needs an awesome base after all. i have one made up but i am not quite feeling it at the moment. might have to play with it a bit or scrap it if it doesn't improve.

    anyway, update on Lizzie: eyes fixed some more (in need of another lining), dress given a slightly deeper shadow and smoothed some more, shoes and ribbion started, lace given a very basic highlight, and axe started as well.

    Name:  IMG_0232_zps96f4a5b8.jpg
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    and one from the back...

    Name:  IMG_0233_zpsb5c981cc.jpg
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    i am becoming quite proud of this mini, which is very new and surprising for me. i am particularily proud of the axe. it's my second time trying NMM, and it has turned out about 2000% better than the first try. i really struggle with metals, as i manage to get TMM look extremely "organic" due to only ever using it tp paint claws back in the early days, so when i tried to paint metal for the first time, i used NMM, and found it too time consuming and didn't really paint metal up to this standard ever since. i like how well i have managed to smooth the blending so far (still got a long way to go though), and how beautifuly bright the gold looks. i am thinking of even trying a small freehand on it, maybe something like a daisy chain, but i'll see what happens with the rest of the mini first.

    and lastly, here is and incredibly blurry picture of that (just started) uninspiring base/ a really detailed picture of my finger whorls

    Name:  IMG_0234_zps1cb1ec77.jpg
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    i have noticed a few comments in various threads i stalk mentioning the "Shelf of Death." well, every painter has one, and i thought i'd give you guys a quick tours of my "Drawers of Death". they are a little more complicated than you basic "Shelf of Death," consisting of minis in different drawers with different levels of "Death" depending on their position and drawer they are stored in. the first level is mostly known as the "play" level. this takes up the most space in my drawers. these minis are usually unpainted and in cleaning (aka. the waiting list), have either been slightly damaged, or are quick freebie paints for friends. these minis get pulled out on a regular basis, mostly to be looked over critically to see if they can be salvaged. those that can get moved to the "live" section, whilst those that can't are moved to the "experiment," "bits," or "scrap" drawers. many of these "play" minis are either undercoated or in various states of cleaning. some of the minis in this section are also slated to my personal pile, as quickies i can mess around and play with, producing quick paintjobs with little or no planning whatsoever. most of the minis in this section will eventually end up as fully painted minis, though i do not put many of my personal "play" projects on display.

    Name:  IMG_0240_zps3427bc84.jpg
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    "Love is Pain" by Scibor miniatures. a valentines/birthday gift from my bf. a mini i fell in love with at first sight. great fun to paint and very forgiving of rough blending etc.

    Name:  IMG_0247_zpsff619c5e.jpg
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    one of the "quick freebies" for a friend. this particular mini will be used in a DnD campagin.

    Name:  IMG_0242_zps39a13872.jpg
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    Shadow Seer from GW. damaged mini that was salvaged. i am painting her up for a roleplay game.

    that's all for now. will bring up more catergories soon

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    Very nice. Lizzy is creepy. I like her base too. Dark muted tones to show her off or vibrant scary tones with OSL to immerse her?
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    Quote Originally Posted by meaty_nosebleeds View Post
    i have noticed a few comments in various threads i stalk mentioning the "Shelf of Death." well, every painter has one,
    not true!! ;P

    Lizzie is one creepy girl, nice job!

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    Zab: thanks man. i was thinking about a dark dingy base, maybe like a grave yard type feel. not too sure on the OSL though, i think i might save it for the next mini maybe, but keeping an open mind.
    Stefan... you don't count! sometimes i don't even think you're human. that being said, i do dicipline myself to one major project a time. what makes up my drawers of death are usually minis that i know i can take and experiment on when i need a little break from the main project, but still feel the mojo juice flowing, or old minis from when i was young, foolish, and tried to do 20 projects at once. these get recycled to "play" or "experiment" and get finished or repainted in different ways.

    speaking of which, here is the next drawer.
    this drawer consists of broken or old minis that a too good for the bitz box. i use them to play around with colours, ideas, and techniques. some, like the broken flower knight, are also test runs for real minis as well. this catergory also includes sraying misshaps that a not quite bad enough to be striped, as well as several premade bases i have been given.

    Name:  IMG_0248_zps5cc22d1a.jpg
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    this guy has the most annoying antennae invented. they kept breaking off and ended u ruining the paintjob. he was used to practise darker reds and green shading.

    Name:  IMG_0244_zps68fd3efa.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0245_zpsdcb4377f.jpg
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    my broken flower knight *sob*. i was lucky enough to get my hands on another of these guys however, so this one is a colour planner and a test mini for various styles of brocade, fabric, and metals.

    Name:  IMG_0246_zps1a68c473.jpg
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Size:  63.4 KB

    this guy has been doing the rounds on my table for ages. he is a mini i use to experiment new techniques on, and see which ones work well together. i do hope that he'll eventually get a full coat of paint, as he is a rather nice mini.

    Name:  IMG_0254_zps89a99898.jpg
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    here's another one that's done the rounds. i use him for lots of different things, then paint over them when i get fustrated.

    ...and of course, the bases. i made the first two from scratch, the others are all premade.

    Name:  IMG_0257_zpsa270385a.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0259_zps0239f1cb.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0260_zpsd0bfdb77.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0262_zpse880ca88.jpg
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    and finally, here is a photograpph of the other two evil baby minis. since they're not avalible in stores (i think) i thoug you guys might like to see the rest of the terrible trio. the one sitting on the green base is Jack the Ripper, and the one on the yellow is Eric the Red.

    Name:  IMG_0263_zpsfcb546f4.jpg
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    update on Lizzie:
    not too much done, started working on her puffy sleeve things a little bit, but mostly working on the enlarging the contrast on the axe and smoothing the handle. the bottom bit is being a right royal pain in the ass to get right, but hey, i'ts fun when you finally start to see it snap together. also did a tiny bit more work on the bask, but forgot to photograph.

    Name:  IMG_0231_zpscc4a633f.jpg
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    also been working on her base. finished the tree branches, put a few more clumps bits and bobs onto it to make it more interesting, and added a couple of skulls (after all, lizzie did therotically kill two people). also begun to experiment around with the colours, to give it a dark, spooky graveyard feel.

    Name:  IMG_0233_zps303a75a5.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0234_zps98542904.jpg
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    i thought i'd make these three minis a set, as they are adorable on their own but would look awesome side by side. this would also be a great challenge, as each of these minis are from quite different times and locations. but it will be fun trying to get the colours to look unique and yet simmiliar enough to tie the minis together. i will be putting these bases onto display cubes so they can be taken off and examines, but also looked at closely. anyway, here is the initial plan for the next mini int the series and the center mini: Jack the Ripper.

    Name:  srxh1_zpse5edfa0a.jpg
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    as always, critiques and constructive critisim are welcome for everything on this post.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    That Lizzie miniis neat and you have some great bases going...but that naked dwarf is rather disturbing! Lol

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    thanks KruleBear.
    i really like my naked dwarf. he makes me laugh whenever i pick him up to paint. it's goo to cheer me up after a fustrating hour with lizzie's axe.
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    Then he is one of the most valuable minis . Keep up the laughter.

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    Those evil orphans are really good and the NMM on the axe looks spot on. The home made base are also fantastic......nope can't fault any of it!

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    KruleBear: it is. particularily since it's a gift from him. he isn't into the hobby so it was great to recieve a hobby gift from him.

    Darthmarsh: that axe is so annoying! i am a big perfctionist, and i think i have repainted the axe at least 4 times now. i stuffed it up slightly and am repainting it again... i will be happy when the axe is finally finished

    i'm going to be in the city and away from my painting table for a few days. i have to get my assignments completed after all *sigh*.

    in the mean time, here is one of my more serious "play" minis. this is what i work on when i get too fustrated with lizzie. it really helps to calm me down, and it has a permanant place on my painting table.

    Name:  IMG_0238_zps1980e142.jpg
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    nothing too complex, just some basic freehand work. i refine and repaint it regularily, but i do like the initial design on this one.

    as always constructivecritisism appericiated.
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    the freehand on the banner is really good and like liking the bases too
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    thanks wargamesculptor, it's only something i play around with from time to time, so it's not the best i can do. same goes for the bases. maybe it's got something to do with living on a farm/enjoying pulling up clumps of earth, but i seem to have a natural affinity to making these types of bases.

    finally back home to our 2 cats, 2 dogs, 80 cows,and 1 lamb that thinks he's a dog.
    assigments are practically done and dusted, so i can relax a little and paint a bit more now, at least for tomorrow, then it's back to uni to complete the assignments and finish my labwork.

    update on Lizzie: i got really fustrated with her axe, i kept stuffing up minor corrections and having to redo the thing. in the end i re-basecoated the axe and am starting again almost from scratch, i am keeping the topmost section because it still looked good and i didn' want to paint over it. also managed to stuff up the shading at the bottom of her cheek due to a misplaced brushstroke, will have to fix it up too when i fix up the rest of her skin.

    i have also been playing around with the idea of having small spiderwebs on her base. i have been practicing this on a couple of spare bases and am beginning to believe that i must have been a spider at one point. making the webs is addicting, and it would also explain why i like spiders so much and why i am such an intimidating person to be around for the opposite sex. other things i've been thinking about for the base were some mushrooms, twisted fence, or little ferns. something that will bring our some elements of her bright paintjob onto the otherwise creepy and dark base. i've also been thinking about what colour to pain the bricks, i was origionally set on red but i'm not so sure now. any suggesions on this?

    no pics at this point but i'll see if i can give you some nice ones next update.
    i'd make you a sandwitch, but cannibalism is illegal in my country.
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