Skinless Muscles how do you paint them?
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Thread: Skinless Muscles how do you paint them?

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    Default Skinless Muscles how do you paint them?

    I am currently painting some freehand for a friend, he wanted some Dark Eldar pirate theme.
    One of the things i know Dark Eldar likes to do is to drag on the torture of the victims for as long as possible so one of the paintings i´m doing is that of a skinless screaming face.
    Now my question is how do i go about painting muscles and fat so it looks real? I am thinking that muscles might be a bestial brown highlighted up to a blood red and fat or raw bone might be a bleached bone highlighted to a skull white, however i´m not sure.

    So if any of you might have any tutorials on how to do it i would be grateful.

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    Muscles often get depicted as having a purple-ish shadow tone so I'd suggest working a base layer of your darkest red highlighted with blood red and final highlight of Blood red+Dwarf Flesh glazed over with the purple.
    I'd also suggest looking up Medical illustrations in Google images, couldn't hurt.
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    Basically what Dragonsreach said. Only a few additions: Do not overdo it with the purple. And if its more than only a bit of a muscle visible (which is at a whole skinless face) i recommen you to add some white between the muscles for the sinews.

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    Bodies the exhibit would be a great reference.

    Name:  exposicion-bodie-2.gif
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    Looking at a skinless human, Muscles should be more to the pinkish side. But since what you want to paint is still alive and the tissues would would be full of blood, maybe a little deeper red?
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    If fresh, the colours are much more vivid, the flesh is very red and the fat very yellow. Bowel should be nice and pink too. Don't forget to add the white of the tendons and ligaments, it makes a huge difference, trust me, I have seen my fill of split open people...

    edit - look at this:
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    That's an awesome link. Can't believe I never saw that article before...also...the lack of comments. Weird.

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    These might help.

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    I was thinking about using this technique on a model I am entering in a painting competition in July. Thanks for the link, Freakinacage.

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