The Torn Armor: Vote on which limited-edition makes it into the Kickstarter

View Poll Results: Which should be made into a kickstarter-only limited edition unit?

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  • Ghost and Riftblade. 40mm tall, they get stronger if adjacent on the battlefield.

    1 100.00%
  • 5x32mm elite elven Tymara Ainu Mirroanwi.

    0 0%
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Thread: The Torn Armor: Vote on which limited-edition makes it into the Kickstarter

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    Default The Torn Armor: Vote on which limited-edition makes it into the Kickstarter

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    We are 2 weeks from our Sunday 3/3 Kickstarter for Torn Armor and the excitement is mounting as we begin the countdown.

    To celebrate this event we are asking YOU what the Kickstarter-only limited edition miniatures should be.

    At $75 (below MSRP) you will get the Torn Armor board game: 39 high deailed, high-impact plastic miniatures ranging from 20mm in height to over 60mm in height, full-color rules, scenario book, 4 double-sided battle posters, equippment cards, spell cards, unit cards, and 25 dice in 5 different colors.

    For an additional $25 you also get the *kickstarter-only* limited edited squad ... and that's where we want your vote!

    Do we:
    1) Add Ghost and Riftblade. Two minotaur brothers, each an assault unit that gains in strength if they are adjacent to each other. Each would be produced at approaximately 40mm in height.

    - or -

    2) Add a full squad of Tymara Ainu elite Mirroanwi elves (5x32mm miniatures).

    Each will be accompanied with unit cards and will belong to the Mercenary Faction, thus available to either side of play!

    Vote by using the poll or join us on our Facebook page:

    (One vote only, but invite your friends!) by naming the limited edition miniature we should add! Voting closes midnight EST 2/18 (2 days!) so I can get your choice off to production!

    Choose your side!

    ~ Alyssa Faden

    Torn Armor Artwork & Miniatures
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    GHOST & RIFTBLADE took this in a landslide. Seriously, as much as I love the look of the Mirroanwi, was it even going to be close? Thanks to all who voted on our FB thread - these guys have been shipped off to our modeler for production!

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    D'oh. Too late to vote on this. Well, I voted but obviously it won't count.

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    Well at least you picked the winning side! Those elves ... they really didn't have a chance!

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    Everyone loves a pirate minotaur.

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    I'm looking forward to sharing these guys with you. I haven't seen them myself yet, but Sixus 1 Studios have been NAILING every piece so far, and they were really excited to get into these guys. Typically when they get excited, good things happen.

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    I do like the elves as well. They had a different look to a lot of elves that are already out there but the rules about the brothers being stronger together are intriguing.

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    Exactly Roger, exactly ... I think their look and that extra little rule pushed them over the edge.

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