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    Default Goblin Shaman WIP

    Hi, everybody, and wellcome to my first post! This time I'll be posting the progress of my goblin shaman. I have to say I really like this mini (I'm kinda partial here, I love virtually every shaman of GW). So, here's the skin of the guy. Comments and critics are wellcome. See you around!

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    Well il looks great! however I (and maybe we :P) would like to see some bigger pictures, its kinda small now.
    but its looks like you're got a good start!

    greets Joren
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    Thanks, Joren! =D

    I used the "Insert Image" option. Is there any other way of uploading images ('cause the file I uploaded is pretty big)? I'm kinda noob around here =_D

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    Probably I'm not the best person to advise you on this, but usually what I do is format the image size to 1400 pixels on one side ( usually the longer one ) and only then upload it to CMON. It gives you a manageable size and it's big enough so we can see the details on the minis.

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    The original image was than 1100 pixels wide, it resized itself =(

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    Much better! =D Now I think it's TOO BIG x_D I have to improve my photography skills...

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    Hi to the forum of CMON!
    It is a really good start, your color choices are good form my point of view. Your highlights seem to be well placed and controlled, but I would try to blend the transition better, by diluting your paint with feathering layers technique and/or wet blending, or any other techniques... You can find lots of tutorials online about blending techniques, youtube, CMON forum in painting section, other websites with tutorials, or even paid videos on CMON (Hot Lead), or miniature mentor, etc...

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    Thanks for the advise! On my defense I'll say that the highlight are quite more visible because of the flash of the camera. This is not an empty excuse, I DO need to improve my transitions. But I promise it looks better in hand =_)

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    Looking good. Its best to prime the whole mini first, to save getting undercoat on the already painting skin etc.
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    Regarding the highlights, you have to try out several techniques. I find it depends a lot on the mini size and the effect you want to create. Taking in account that photos tend to enhance details that usually are not seen, I find your colour placement very well done.

    Also, you should ear 10: you'll have a lot of corrections to make if you don't have a steady hand. So, until the next mini, no coffee while painting

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    I don't usually drink coffee, I'm safe x_D

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    Here we are, continuing painting the little guy. Hair done. Here are a couple of side pictures so you can see the red drunky nose =P

    And here's the cape. I first painted it leathery, but I though it was quite boring so I thought I could add some patches. Now, in my opinion, it looks more "goblinesque", right?

    What do you think?

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    Now that I'm seeing it... hotos look too big.. x_D I'll try smaller ones next time.

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    For me, good size pics. The cape looks great but a bit too clean for a goblin... but then again, I like my goblins dirty and smelly

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    What would you do to get it dirty? =)

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    Maybe a very light wash of brown on the patches and dark green on the brown. But I'm not sure, so it would be better to do that after you had all painted and put together and only if the over all feeling of the mini demands it. It would be a pity to ruin such a crisp painting job with a bad suggestion

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    Sorry for the delay. I've dressed this guy up and now I'm starting up the base. =)

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    Nice work, the skin is very nice, the added colour of the nose gives extra life. The only things that might be improved is the blending between diffrent layers. this is something that wount be visiable in "reality" that much. So it depends what you want to do with the figure, if it is for painting competition standard more work is needed. if it is for playing this is more then needed

    I really like that you show bigger picture much more easier to see and helpout with comments.

    Keep up with the good work.


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    I would actually like to present this miniature to a pinting competition. I still have to give it some glazes to the skin to wear the highlights down. I'll show the pictures when they are done =)

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    I like what you have done so far As the others indicate, if this guy is for comp you have a little ways to go, but sounds like you've got a plan...

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