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    Quote Originally Posted by Treveron View Post
    I would actually like to present this miniature to a pinting competition. I still have to give it some glazes to the skin to wear the highlights down. I'll show the pictures when they are done =)
    That will help in thoose areas, looking forward to see the result.


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    It's been a while since I last posted, but this little fella is almost done. With the proper light and without the flash, these pictures look way better, in my opinion. What do you think? =)

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    Agreed. Looks so much better without the harsh, front on flash. Good photography makes all the difference.
    It's all come together nicely. Some of the highlights on the wooden staff maybe aren't quite as smooth as other areas but all in all it looks good.

    Good luck with the comp.

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    This tutorial helped me a lot to improve my pics ( not that they are perfect yet ). Hope it helps you as well.


    Great job on the goblin.

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