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    Default An introduction to Torn Armor

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    What is Torn armor?
    Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based miniatures skirmish board game set in the World of Torn. It presents the lore, races, people, heroes, and history to players through the use of game-play scenarios and core rules. It is one product offering within the Torn World line-up (others being lead-free miniatures and RPG supplements).

    It is being self-funded through to – but excluding – production. Advertising, artwork, preliminary sculpting is being funded by Alyssa Faden. Miniature production, printing costs and packaging for 5-10 thousand units will be covered through crowd-funding. Torn Armor will be kickstarted in March 2013 through to April 2013: 3/3 – 4/4

    If the Kickstarter funds well, we intend to offer game expansions, including – but not limited to - more spell cards, more equipment cards, more units/miniatures, mercenary units, and game board maps. Future expansions will introduce other factions and unit abilities.

    What was the inspiration behind creating the game?
    There were a few reasons. Firstly we wanted to bring a low-cost, quick to set-up and play fantasy skirmish game to market. With factions that have something for everyone, and game rules that allow for each player to really express his or her personality through the units, heroes and avatars that they choose.

    Secondly we really wanted a unique platform through which to share the Torn World, it’s history, lore, races and people. Rather than do this through a book, table-top games, or a computer game, we felt that a boardgame would be a great way to reach gamers and then have them ask for more when they like what they see!

    What makes this game different from other games on the market right now?
    A couple of things. Current games require vast amounts of financial set-up, hours upon hours to play, large playing areas, and can get bogged down in rules. We want something that has a broader appeal and something that fits the modern world. A cash-friendly entry-point (with expansions for those who desire them), light rules, quick setup, lightning fast play and no chance of having your chosen faction suddenly made obsolete through a new unit type or rule change.

    Torn Armor is not only easy to get a hold of rules-wise, but it has great customization and variety through the multiple factions (each of which has its own personality, feel and game-play style), but also the addition of spell cards, magical item cards, hero units and avatar units. All of these factors means that no two games are alike.

    This is also a game that can be played between two to four players, vs. the usual “two” found in other systems. That alone I think really broadens the potential appeal.

    Who do you hope to reach with this game?
    Boardgamers, wargamers, table-top roleplayers, and new prospective players who may have an interest in the anthropomorphic races, huge hulking golems, or ranks of Greek-inspired phalanxes.

    A broad age range (from young to old adults!)

    What future projects do you see on the horizon for the Torn World universe?
    That’s the exciting bit!

    Torn Armor itself has a huge amount of expansion opportunities. We have a dozen factions (some top secret!) to share, all of them with their own units, heroes and avatars. Add to that the fact that existing factions have huge expandability options to add new squads and assault units. More scenarios and maps to use in game set-up, more spells, more magical items … and even magical artifacts. I can see us never exhausting the possibilities here.

    I also see the opportunity to move into a naval version of the land-warfare. We were working on the rules for this in 2012 and even did quite a bit of artwork for the various ships, but we shelved development while we concentrate on Torn Armor. In the future I’d like to bring this to market as well.

    We also see the possibility of a risk-style strategy game: taking the Torn World and the same clashing armies that you will see in Torn Armor, and applying them to the global scale.

    We are also planning on releasing a campaign expansion to Torn Armor, perhaps marrying the air, sea and land battles and the global ‘board’ into an ongoing game spanning continents, planes and the other world.

    Of course, let’s not forget the miniature line being developed by Center Stage Miniatures. Lead-free metal miniatures of the Torn World characters, each of which will be usable as a valid unit in the Torn Armor game or any table-top roleplaying game.

    ~ Alyssa
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    Looks quite interesting.

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    Thanks MightyChad for checking in - I honestly appreciate you poking your nose over in interest =D

    I'm going to start sharing news, rules, miniatures and artwork daily here and would always love feedback and comments

    ~ Alyssa

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    We uploaded three videos to our YouTube channel yesterday (including an outtake courtesy of one of our cats). Not all will be uploaded here, so if you want to see everything 'behind the curtain' don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel:
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    An interview with John "Ross" Rossomangno. It was great seeing how he fielded questions with me, and then completely turned these into a pleasurable, conversational interview.

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    And finally, just a note that we posted a new miniature to our thread here:

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    I've been watching the updates on facebook and I'm liking what I see. I like the little slinger and the monkey especially. Ah...Monkey Magic!

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    LOL, thanks Roger! Yes, the little mouselings, serpent mage, monkey "magic" monk, and elemental golems are very, very popular. Wait until you see what we have in store for a "special." 120mm tall ... two of them ... they are jaw dropping pieces.

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    And in the great words of John Rossomangno:
    "And now, part 2 of my interview with the creator of the Torn World RPG and name behind The Cartography of +Alyssa Faden. A look at the setting's upcoming miniatures skirmish game, Torn Armor, including some early looks at a few of the awesome figures and artwork."

    I love his writing style on these interviews. Let me know your thoughts and feedback. Does this interview raise any questions, help understand what Torn Armor is about?


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    Default Gameplay video #1

    A gameplay video has been posted to YouTube and I'd like to invite you to check it out to see what Torn Armor is all about:

    Jack & Alyssa go head to head in a game of Torn Armor. Jack takes on the Maychian faction and their fast moving abilities, while Alyssa adopts the slower, but tougher Sisk faction. Who will win?

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    I've not had a lot of time to watch the vids yet but I'll do that today.

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    Thanks RB. Seriously, I loved doing this thing and I really think it helps show what the game is all about. Too much fun doing it.

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    Finished watching the gameplay vid. You were robbed. 1 hit from 15 dice at one point...

    Enjoyed it though. What's the largest game you've tried with, in terms of minis/points compared to that one?

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    LOL, I know, right? Utterly robbed! I should have gotten 5 hits there and wiped those pesky little mice off the map! The dice do that to me though, they really do.

    The largest game we've done was three boards and a 500gp buy, so we had approximately x3 the number of units per side. That was actually really kinda fun.

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    I can haz a little Friday morning spam?. The core boxed set miniature count for the Torn Armor skirmish game kickstarting 3/3.

    ~ Alyssa Faden

    Don't forget - we have an event page for the 3/3 - 4/4 kickstarter. If you have not "joined it," please do so. We will be making special announcements over there that you might not get to see over here

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    Looking good. I'm not on FB myself but Liz has joined the event.

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    Only 9hrs out on the kickstarter launch!

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    This will be the first stretch goal for Torn Armor, so we wanted to make it an awesome one. When we get close to it I'll have the miniatures created by the incredible Sixus 1 Studios team.

    You'll get:
    x5 Sisk elite fighters
    x6 Maychian Shalcat fighters
    x6 Murodae mercenaries
    +12 spell cards
    +12 equipment cards
    + the Torn Armor dice cup

    Seriously ... I'm loving that we can offer such an incredible deal.

    And at the $150 level you'll get that on top of the boxed set (39 miniatures, rule book, scenario book, 4 double-sided battle posters, equipment/spell/dry-erasable unit cards, 25 dice) and both minotaur brothers.

    Crazy sauce.

    This is going live 9PM PST on 3/2

    ~ Alyssa

    Don't forget - we have an event pages for the 3/3 - 4/4 kickstarter. If you have not "joined them," please do so. We will be making special announcements over there that you might not get to see over here



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    We're live: Choose your side:

    Miniatures in the core boxed set (plus skirmish rules, scenario book, battleboard posters, unit cards, spell cards, equipment cards, and 25 dice!)
    39 miniatures:
    x1 Light Golem,
    x1 Skirmish Golem,
    x1 Battlepriest, x1 Sisk Hero,
    x7 Javelin,
    x7 Hoplite,
    x1 Skirmish Elemental,
    x1 Light Elemental,
    x8 Vanaran,
    x9 Mu,
    x1 Serpentfolk Mage, X1 Felis Hero

    All of our miniatures are available to view in a 3D rotating format:

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    The world of Torn needs your help!

    Back the Kickstarter and choose your side, the armoured Sisk or the swift Maychia.

    A good looking game that's quick to play.

    And here's a couple of minis that haven't been shared in this thread so far, an unlockable goal. Really cool minis, if you ask me.

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    As a backer, not only do you get the usual bonuses but there's a little game within the KS, to see which army gets an extra mini/unit in the £100+ pledges. The other side's unit will be available as an ad-on.

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    Big news for the Torn Armor project!

    "Reaper Miniatures has given us the greenlight to add their Clockwork Dragon as a Torn Armor unit; complete with unit card. When we hit 60k, we'll even create a new map set and special scenario. Of course, this gives us an excuse to introduce the "flying units" and "breath weapon" rules =D

    The best part of this? The first 500 backers to pledge $75 or more (the game or any combination of add-ons and pledge levels) gets the Clockwork Dragon FOR FREE with no extra shipping."

    What a collaboration! Get in now before it hits 500 backers!

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