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    Hi all, so, I decided to have some fun in photoshop, and come up with some SW game aids. I posted these on the McVey forums, but thought that it might be useful here, too.

    The blanks are for numbers, descriptions, or names, as you see fit. I'll probably end up naming mine fun references... The last card is for special weapons troopers, didn't find an image of the Reaver, and thought it would look crowded, either way.

    So far, I've just done the 3 types of Samaritans and special weapons troopers.

    Link to the other designs:

    I also made these for people (like myself) who wanted to play Lights Out, but who hadn't gotten a copy of the special minis...

    (Blog post link)

    If you've got requests for cards, please let me know (next up is going to be the Strain multiples).

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    Good stuff! I've actually gone ahead and named all my Vanguard (and Strain), and just need to find a way to get those names onto the sides of the bases. Then the character cards are in protective plastic sleeves, so wounds/overload/reflex/whatever can be tracked with a dry erase marker.
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    Yeah, I had a ton of extra sleeves from playing Warmachine, which I'm using, but don't really enjoy keeping track of damage for SW: the table always gets cluttered with cards. I feel like this is a little better, but am playing with some other ideas on solutions...

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    I made some health tokens, as I was having trouble keeping track of that many cards floating around, and putting them on the board next to their models cluttered things up.

    The basic idea is to laminate them, so you can write on them, like so.

    (again, it's fine if you share/use these, just please link to credit me:

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