Ok... so first off, I just want to say that I have the feeling that this is falling on deaf ears.. but here I go.

I have recently fallen in love with the World of Cadwallon and most importantly, the art of Edouard Guiton! I know I am late for the Rackham minis craziness, but plan on slowly collecting the ones I want to paint. They are awesome.

Which brings me to my first point.... can anyone find anything or know anything about the Rackham flop. Who they sold the game rights to.. I am guessing fantasy flight, but with CMON releasing Guilds of Cadwallon, and soon Confrontation Phoenix, what is going on? I would love to see more, especially more of Edouard Guiton's art. So are the copyrights void? Is fantasy flight and CMON teaming up? FFG doesn't seem too eager to produce any cadwallon material.... so it would be nice if cmon took this over.. they just need to get ahold of Edouard for some *new* kickass art for cadwallon.

Also. Since GoC, I realized that this is sort of the bridge between city of thieves and arcana.... if CMON has rights to cadwallon, then they could maybe make an expansion that utilizes all 4 games including the expansion.

So I started thinking.... I think it would be easy to cross over the elements and components of the games. Event cards from one game, and the GoC tokens to the king of ashes expansion for a dungeon crawl, make the expansion like smallworld underground as well... players might have to navigate the tunnels to bypass other players on the board. Maybe have the little tokens be a "patrol" and when a building is taken then the little guy keeps watch. The area can then be taken by another player if the building is not well fortified. Make it a sort of war game utilizing more of the arcana cards for battle. Make stickers for numbers on the personality cards...? Maybe the GoC board can be like an AoE layout if the boards are the same size... a lot of homebrewing, but I think it could be epic... now we just need one more expansion to tie all these together! I have a lot more ideas, I'm just spitballing right now, but I think this would be epic, like one huge game that just doesn't have a rulebook and some extra and missing game elements.

I am loving it. And btw, here is some more of Edouard's art if you have not seen it already: (sure to impress)