on April 9th from 1pm to 5pm i'll be demo-ing sedition wars at Otherworld Games in Dallas Ga 202 main st.

heres the website http://seditionwars.com

game synopsis

sedition wars uses tiles placed before the game starts according to scenarios or your liking. one player fielding the strain the other with vanguard you'll use 3D6s plus stat to hit your opponent in a warmachine-like(one side then the other) activation. the vanguard player has a Tac-Net pool to pull from to enhance their abilities while the the strain player uses nano virus tokens to infect the vanguard or spawn other resident evil-like monstrosities.


"You can have peace, or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once."
- Robert A. Heinlein.
If you read the history books, it sounds like some kind of fairy tale. Our ancestors seized new worlds, shaped and pounded them into paradise. The Solar Conglomerate governed, guided by wisdom, formed the Vanguard to proudly serve and protect humanity among the stars. But if you really look back at the way we did it, the cost was beyond measure.
Our worlds were built on the backs of corporate labour - patented gene-line clones or convicts forced into service contracts by the system. We’re talking terms of service that kept them in stasis for centuries, augmented them against their will, humanity stripped from them shred by bloody shred.
The Solar Conglomerate called it necessity, some called it slavery. By the time human expansion had stabilized, it was an institution – labour forces were traded on open markets, corporations sold them as chattel to the highest bidder. Four centuries ago prison sentences were abolished – corporate service became the de facto punishment for almost all crimes. They called it Conscription.
The first uprising was no surprise, the signs were there. The Vanguard was sent in to deal with the mess. Expertly trained military forces tried to quash the rebellion. But the Firebrand slipped away. The incidents grew worse – a workers front on one world militarized and overthrew the local Conglomerate ministry. Organized terror attacks grew more frequent. Conscripts organized, bypassed safeguards and systems designed to keep them docile. There's an entire underground of renegades, hell bent on breaking loose of their servitude.
Cracks are starting to show. On some worlds the bloodshed is getting out of hand.
The Vanguard is no longer tactically in control, they’re just reacting to a bad situation, and my gut tells me it’s just going to get worse.
Ten thousand worlds spread across thousands of cubic parsecs of space. Humanity in a vast sprawl, scattered through this arm of the galaxy like sand cast into the wind. We have rebellion everywhere. SolCon calls it sedition, the Vanguard calls it war. The clones and convicts, the drones and hybrids, under the boot of human expansion and corporate servitude for so long
– They call it Freedom.