Alternate rules for rivet wars from this game?
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Thread: Alternate rules for rivet wars from this game?

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    Default Alternate rules for rivet wars from this game?

    Mantic's Loka

    You could pledge for the "pawn" level and get the rules to impliment for rivet wars.. I think we could use the rivet wars board even

    Check it out. It looks like a fun highly strategic yet very simple game.., I was thinking of doing something like this with rivet wars a month ago... basically implimenting chess rules on some rivets and playing chess instead. But this looks real neat. It will be cool to see a gameplay video.
    Rando Commando

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    Agreed that Loka looks like an interesting game, Alessio's other chess variant "Shuuro" plays well so this bodes well. I might go for it but it will probably be based on the quality of the pieces - the KS is a bummer for me in the UK as the $15 shipping means it will be cheaper to wait and buy online.

    However, at the root of each of these is that fact that they are chess with a few extra pieces or rules and so if you really wanted to it would be easy to substitute RW pieces for the King, queens, etc. The board is the standard grid with terrain proposed later so again if you wanted to this will not be an issue.

    For me, my pieces will still be waging Rivet Wars and waiting on the arrival of those lovely air units
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