Kickstarter survey been sent out?
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Thread: Kickstarter survey been sent out?

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    Default Kickstarter survey been sent out?

    Just curious, have the Kickstarter survey been sent out? I have not reveived anything yet, so I am wonder someone else have got it...

    "1. We'll send a Kickstarter survey out in about 3 weeks to get your email address. That's all we want at this time so that we can contact you. Please give us an email address (if different from your Kickstarter one) where you can be reliably contacted at. We'll collect the survey results for 2 weeks, and if you do not respond, we'll use your Kickstarter email address to contact you in future."

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    Nope, I haven't. I can't see there being a rush to, still got 7 months before game release.

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    I recieved a Kickstarter update saying that its going to be out in a couple of weeks

    But, again, no rush

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