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    Default ZombiesRCoolPainting WIP Log

    Hi all, welcome to my Wip section... I'll be posting regular updates about what i've been painting and modelling and maybe showing you guys the odd trick, tip or technique

    Just before I do though maybe i'd better introduce myself and ZombiesRCoolPainting...

    ZombiesRCoolPainting is a organisation/business that I (James) set up... I make a lot of video painting tutorials (I've got a pretty big Youtube presence) and I just generally like showing others how to paint so I also do articles and am now posting regularly on the blog on my website over here: http://zombiesrcoolpainting.weebly.com/ I have also started doing commissions!

    But enough about ZombiesRCoolPainting... who's the guy behind it all ???

    Well as I already mentioned my name is James, I'm 16 and I live down in Australia. I've been painting for 3 or so years and in that time I've improved my skills dramatically. I've gone from sloping paint on night goblins from the old battle for skull pass box set to winning varies online competitions and having my work being admired by all sorts of different people, both online and locally when my mini's are in the display cabinets of my local gaming store.

    My goal as a painter is simply to continue to improve and one day I'd love to be able to win a Golden Demon...

    So thanks for sticking around and I hope you all find this "Modeling Diary" interesting and informative as I will certainly be aiming to include tips and tricks as well as wip's of my own work.

    Cheers guys, any questions or comments feel free to get in touch!

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    Very nice painting, mate. Really like the floating.....thing.......

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    Very impressive skill so far. I Like the face on that first knight quit a bit

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    Default Epic Loot!!! :P

    Cheers for the comments guys!

    Well I haven't been doing too much in the way of painting however I thought I might as well show of some epic loot that just arrived in the mail...

    As you can see i've got a couple of the new Wyrd plastics (incredible quality on those mini's), some plastics from GW that were on sale plus a mass of Zvezda mini's... I've never bought any of them before but the quality on them looks insane so I can't wait to paint some up! (we are talking detail as good as the best of GW kits).

    I might do some reviews of some of these kits... not sure though :P what do you guys reckon... anything you want to see the insides of ?

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    Default Khador Heavy Warjack WIP... Woot!!! :)

    Just started work on a Khador Heavy Warjack... (a Juggernaut). The armours not done, I still need to do some lining and pick out the edges and rivets + battle damage etc, and I still need to freehand the Khador symbol inside that circle i've already freehanded but what do you guys think so far ?

    Name:  632343_orig.jpg
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    This process is all being filmed so a video tutorial will be coming out for this guy soon, really annoyed cause I lost all the footage for what was going to be a tutorial on how to paint DA bikers... ah well that's life

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    Default Update: Uncharted seas + tau

    Hi all, it's been a while

    Back in to painting and stuffs, I've currently got a big Uncharted seas commission going on! Here's a test mini i've done that the client's happy with so that is what they're going to look like quality and colour scheme wise.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Test Mini 1.jpg 
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    What so you guys think ? Remember i'm not trying to win any competitions here I just want to get a finish the client is happy with!

    The second project i've got running is a Tau Drone... I've done it so it look like it's shooting a laser beam or something and melting a piece of machinery (I still need to add the melted metal around the hole) can you tell I hate flying bases ? :P

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Unnasembles drone.001.jpg 
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    Hey Guys... Just letting you know i'm dropping this thread... I might do individual WIP logs for seperate projects but because no one seems to be following this one it's just a waste of my time updating.

    Anyway as a final farewell here's a look at my latest project:

    Name:  6475555_orig.jpg
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    Those ships turned out pretty nice. The commissioner Should be happy.

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    Looks like you have got some skills. This is the first time I have seen this thread. The Knight looks good, the red on the steed could use a bit more depth, IMO. The ships look great, I assume they are fairly small so they look pretty detailed. The Tau drones have very cool basing. That flying thing is a very odd looking mini, but you did an ace job on him, in fact all of your finished stuff looks very good.

    The red on the khador jack looks good, could use some edge highlighting. Will you be doing battle damage? The freehand circle is pretty good, could do with a bit of touch up to make it perfectly round, but I wouldn't be able to do it! So no worries. I think it would be improved with more variety in the shading and highlighting, but as you say it isn't for competition so I wouldn't mess with it. All in all your stuff is really nice, but I assume you want constructive feedback if you are posting here. I hope my post doesn't come across as negative, that was not my intention.

    As for the activity level of the forum, it comes and goes. It seems to be a low level right now, for pretty much everyone. There are a handful of busy threads, but not many. Don't get discouraged, and keep at it. I cannot wait to see how that Khador jackwill turn out. Especially since I am working on some at the moment. Good luck.

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