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    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to sell my FW Reaver, new, unassembled. It has a body-mounted missile launcher and two triple laser blasters, instructions, and certificate. I'm asking $750 cash, which is 85% of retail at the current LOW exchange rate between the US dollar and the Pound Sterling. A great deal for an incredible model!

    Okay, price includes shipping to the US, including insurance. For payment, I must ask that you either use a postal money order, OR, if you use PayPal, that you mark it Personal so there is no fee (I can't afford to lose more on this.) If you're from outside the US, there will be an additional shipping charge due to USPS raising their rates.

    Pictures are available here: Photobucket Link

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    Good luck with that! Someone will be getting an awesome model.

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    I sure hope so. I've got student loans to pay off, and I want to see this beast up and painted here!

    [edit] The titan's gone now!
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