As a proud backer of Rivet Wars, I think the only downside to the whole thing is the wait. So I decided to make something for myself to put on my office wall to help with the long months until release...

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Laser cutting is my other business and the logo just screamed to be cut out and placed proudly for all to see. I'm going to experiment with painting it according to the logo on the site, the greens are going to be hard to do... This one is 10" x 6" and is going to Ted himself as a congratulations and thanks for making the game. I may scale one up for 20 inches for my wall.

Am I now considering cutting out terrain and bunkers and stuff for myself - yes
Do I have plans for a 4 sided vertical display / carrying case to store all my minis and boards from the game - yes
Do I really have time to do all this? no, but gonna do it anyway!

Link to page where updates and new image will be posted: