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    Looking to get my first airbrush and wondering if anyone has tried these:

    Let me know

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    I haven't but the reviews suggest the quality control is bad and if you're new to airbrushing, you would be better off going with a name brand airbrush. The reviews where people claim they're so great for their price are generally from experienced airbrush artists who fiddle around, modify and fix multiple issues with the airbrush to get it spraying nice.

    In other words, you get what you pay for. So, be aware, saving money may result in extreme frustration put in all over the learning curve.

    If you can spend two or three times as much, get yourself a Badger Renegade Velocity/Krome or maybe a Patriot, plus a GMC/California Air Tools compressor, your chances for success are as high as can be and the resale value (on the off chance you decide it isn't for you) would stay much closer to the original cost.

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    Also, I would recommend getting a compressor with a air tank otherwise it will constantly be kicking in to keep the pressure up. I recently brought a airbrush setup and this is the one bit i forgot about and its doing my head in.
    This is a subject where you'll get lots of different advice from different people. Search the forums here as there are already a good few threads covering this subject and so you'll prob get a wider range of comments.
    Maybe check youtube too as i found a few of the vids there really helpful

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    That's a very very low price for all that you're getting... this alone probably tells you what you need to know about the quality.

    Assume the airbrushes are good quality for a second though, what's the availability of spares like? Spare parts aren't optional, they're essential - a single damaged/faulty part can turn your AB into a paperweight.


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    I have a master G23 airbrush and can give some information on it.
    I got the airbrush mainly to do priming and base coloring of minis.

    Before I picked up the airbrush I did a little research here in the forums and on the internet.
    Einion and Air Heads have alot of good information in this area.

    From what I gathered from various resources. I wanted to start with a airbrush that that is mostly if not all metal.
    dual action, and gravity fed. Since I was using this for base coating I didn't want to invest too much into an airbrush.
    Because I was not sure if I would like it.

    They make replacement parts for all there kits. In most cases you can buy different needle kits in different sizes.
    After i learned how to use it it's been pretty stable. I use it with a 1gal air compressor I got from wal-mart with a moisture collector and filter.

    I would recommend it for this kind of work or if you wanted to get into using an airbrush but are not sure if it's for you.
    Eventually I will get a better airbrush when i decide if i want to get more involved with painting with it instead of just using it for base color.

    here is there website. and amazon sells most of there stuff.

    Hope this helps out.

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    Good details there

    Quote Originally Posted by Tee999
    Eventually I will get a better airbrush when i decide if i want to get more involved with painting with it instead of just using it for base color.
    On this bit, you may not actually need anything better/more sophisticated depending on what you want to spray. You can do the basic airbrushed shading and highlighting work on figures, even at mini scales, with a cheaper airbrush as long as the atomisation is fine enough.


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    Look at Harder and Steenbeck out of Germany. Great beginners airbrushes and Grex. I have both and love them. Well worth the money. Airbrushes have a steep learning curve but with practice you will fall in love with them.

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    I'd go with Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. Great price and works amazingly. I used to have a cheapo brush and it is essentially worthless.

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    Whatever you decide to get just make sure that parts/ accessories for it are easily accessible. Iawata and Badger are the most commonly used in the US, but in Europe/UK Harder & Steinbeck is pretty popular. Nothing is worse than having to wait 4-6 weeks on delivery of a part from across the ocean
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    From my experience, I have 3 airbrushes acquired at different occasion with different moods. I fully admit that I don't need 3, but got my bonus and couldn't resist, this is also what our hobby is made of!
    I have a Taiwanese airbrush, really cheap, working well for base coat, spare parts are cheap, and living in china makes the replacement receive almost within the day... So no problem, a needle cost me 3USD...
    Then I bought a Mr Hobby PS270 0.2mm double action airbrush, excellent quality built, japanese quality... I like the valve which can be adjusted for airflow without touching the compressor. Easy to clean, and really precise, if paint is diluted correctly, I follow a recipe mixing some enamel thinner, water, vallejo airbrush thinner, it works almost flawlessly since then with all the paints I have (GW old and new, Vallejo Model color, Vallejo air)
    Then I bought a harder and steinbeck, Evolution 2in1 0.2mm and 0.4mm, I would say, wouaah, quality wise is really amazing, then I miss one thing is the valve for adjusting the pressure. I know that they have an accessory but quite expensive, then I have a humidity trap, I have the thread adapter, plus the hose, if I add the valve it will be even longer and difficult to handle... The control of the paint flow is amazing and really like the balance and the feeling of this airbrush.
    One day I saw online that airbrush shouldn't be purchased according to the experience but according to the application. A cheap airbrush can be frustrating at the beginning, but an expensive one where the needle is bent can be raging... I understand people who want to start with a cheap airbrush knowing its limits and gaining experiences especially in the cleaning process and basic manipulation, I did it myself... Then switch to a better one...

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    I think tcp global has a deal with a compressor and. Paaschendale talon through amazon, that comes out to around a hundred bucks.
    Three airbruhes for starting out is overkill, nd for our hobby the three brushes you get in the linked deal may not be the ones you want. I have a compressor from top global and I am happy with it. Other than that I use a harder and steenbeck infinity, and a paasche talon.
    If I were starting over in airbrushing, I'd look more heavily at the badger line, but that's me. I know top global to be a good company, who will stand behind thier masters product. I also know that even they would say there are better ways of getting bang for your buck in this hobby.

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