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    Default Blight Canine Unit: Work in Progress

    Here's a peak at the blight canine unit. These guys are going to be really fun to play with. The dog handler acts as a spawn point for the dog. The dog acts like a missile and runs at the enemy. Upon dealing damage or taking damage the dog is removed from the board and the handler can spawn a new dog. We're playing around with letting a handler spawn more than one dog at a time...maybe.

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    Presumably the final model(s) will come on separate (and square) bases?
    models themselves look great. Lots of character.

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    What a Big dog! - Nice!
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    is the handler completely unarmed? btw nice models!

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    Glad you guys are liking the figures.

    Yes they will come on separate and square bases. The round base is just a working platform.

    And yes the handler is unarmed. But think of how powerful he is as a mobile spawn point. And the dogs are almost like guided missiles. The drawback is that his rate of fire is slow, but there is no range really. Although the projectile/dog can be destroyed before it hits a target.

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    Nice looking figures and like the game concept for them.


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    Love that dog sculpt. And every new gameplay twist is a welcome change! Great work Ted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Terranova View Post
    Glad you guys are liking the figures.

    Yes they will come on separate and square bases.
    thanks Ted. I remember few backers (like John D) are asking if the dogs are possible to be separated... must be an exciting news for them
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    The dog proportions look fantastic, a good cartoon bulk to him.

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    Love the idea. You think in peacetime the Blight would use the dogs for rides, like 6 of them in a tiny racing track. I dont know why but its something I keep imagining. Would be hilarious.

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