Painting Brown and green flesh tones
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Thread: Painting Brown and green flesh tones

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    Default Painting Brown and green flesh tones

    Hi im busy paint GW throgg, I would like to paint skin tones mainly brown but heading towards greens near the scaley parts as i would like them green.
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    My paint range is GW paints and army painter paints. what would be the best browns and greens to use out these 2 ranges to achieve my goal.Th

    thanks in advance
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    I think your best bet would be to experiment with what you have on a test figure or a small scrap of primed plastic card. Apart from your taste being all that's really important here, you might learn a few things you didn't expect along the way that'll be valuable in the future.


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    I think the miniature's colors could be more unified / cohesive / working together. The tongues and green scales stand out too much, so mebbe tone them down with browns similar to the skin? A reddish tongue the same darkness as the scales?

    You might want to look for animals who have scales that grow from the skin similarly to your figure. Dinosaurs come to mind?

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