Hi all,
Am starting to work on 2 seperate forces of Eldar, one dark one vanilla, and would like the 2 forces to be able to be combined as allies for bigger games. Both forces will focus on mobility with all troops in transports or being jump infantry. Eldar force will be themed around Jain Zar leading a small force and the dark eldar will be themed around the wych cults so lots of wyches in venoms supported by beastmasters and scourges.
Now here is the problem, I want both armys to have a common ground in he paint scheme. Recently watched a show called Ergo Proxy and really like the muted colour schemes with lots of neutral colours
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Here are a few images i just dragged up from a google search to give you a idea of the style.
Now Eldar are easy enough to do in this scheme, im thinking using the brown/grey/green from the first image for the main areas on the Eldar and the black/blue/turquoise from the second image for the dark eldar. Do you think that The Orange from the 3rd pic would work as the tie in colour for both forces?
I never normally plan things out like this before i start but am trying to take a more structured approach to help me in my painting and keeping a shedule.
Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated.