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    So we are running a kickstarter for our fantasy skirmish board game Torn Armor (
    In Torn Armor there are currently two factions for the game:

    The Sisk Empire, an expansionist society akin to ancient Romans and Greeks. For gameplay purposes they are strictly human (although in the actual Torn World setting they are the whole gambit of the "core" races). They have better equipment, armor and weaponry and have a damage reduction.

    and the Maychians, anthropomorphic animal races (vanara, catfolk, ratfolk, serpentfolk, tengu etc etc). They are "low tech" and are akin to the Aztecs and Mayans. Lightly armored, but greater in number.

    So my question is this: In a fantasy board game such as this, what other factions and/or races would YOU as a gamer want to see?
    What kinds of factions, races, classes, etc do you all tend to play in games? Do you like playing the bad guys? The good guys? The Jack Sparrow types?

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    Egyptian themed - I like the idea of Mummies and Anubis type creatures.

    Euro-style undead - more generic skeletons, undead monsters, flesh golems, wraiths. I know it's well trod, but some games have done some really cool things with this theme. Rackham's Confrontation had some interesting concepts.

    Maybe have a force that is heavy on the magic, sort of an outworld vibe to it? Could even be combined with one of the above. Maybe instead of undead driven by standard necromancers / vampires, they could be driven by Lovecraftian horrors.


    More clockwork stuff. Steam- / magic-punk robots are great!

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    There is one undead army that is lead by the Liche King, who can take an army on all by himself. But I think there's a sort of horror-type one, called The Blight, or something. Don't take my word on that, though.

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