Figone is Alive!!!!! (Partie deux.)
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Thread: Figone is Alive!!!!! (Partie deux.)

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    Default Figone is Alive!!!!! (Partie deux.)

    Figone have a new miniature in his range !

    The company gets bigger, with a “strider” sculpted by Ivan Santario De La Uz. A beautiful 54mm model that comes to enlarge the rank of the community

    Other view of the unpainted model here:

    For the large scale lover, the scale 75 line acquires an “operator 79”, and we take the opportunity to enter 4 historical references to our line: a “crusader”, “Leonidas”, a “Great Master”, as well as an “Executioner”.

    A set of paints for NMM and a very useful bag of artificial snow (I was looking for a good one for such a long time) also take their place in the growing catalogue, always and forever.

    Vincent, which I thank so much for his help, developed a system of “reader gallery”. You will find here the first published picture:

    If you wish that your interpretation of one of the models of our lines shows in this gallery: send us the pictures!

    Who paint’that?

    At the bottom of the page ( there are pictures of models that got pictured at the corner of meeting or exchanged during a seminar. Or maybe they just appeared by magic in one of our servers? At any rate the name of the painters are sadly lost. If you recognize your work or one of your friends, do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you in advance!

    The Aurillac training is full, but there is still some spots for Nice in June and Berlin in July.

    The next expedition will take place the week after March 23rd. Then, a month break, because I will be abroad for a series of figostage.

    It is few days now I sent a batch of envelop of DVD and the first feedbacks start to show over the internet:

    In French:

    In English:

    Last news, the webzine Fanfig is ready, and will have the luxury to have a figoletter of its own when it will launch online.

    Finally, if I show nothing personal (or not that much) it is because I spent a month on a new big boy, and I will need at least that much longer before being done

    Figurinely yours,


    PS: remember to subscribe to the RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter… and the newsletter ;=)

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    Hi there, miniaturenauts!
    A quick and fast bit of news to let you know of two new entries in the Figone catalog.

    Origen Miniature has just added a new pearl by Pedro Fernandez Ramos: an extremely elegant and subtle scuplt of a vampire, Dacso, as only he has the secret of sculpting.

    Scale 75, after the success of their NMM - silver set, enlarges their line with a set for NMM - gold.

    You can find both of these new releases on the website, while waiting for the next batch of releases which are in the pipeline.

    New pictures have been added in the reader gallery :

    Jérémie, currently in the middle of painting an oriental-style adventuress...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bragon View Post
    Origen Miniature has just added a new pearl by Pedro Fernandez Ramos: an extremely elegant and subtle sculpt of a vampire, Dacso, as only he has the secret of sculpting.

    Now that's nice.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
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    , and proud of it.

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    Here are some picture of my unpainted miniature for Adepticon
    Comments are welcome

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    Oh my, that is truly amazing! Fantastic detail.

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    It is simply insane, you cannot even compete against it. Congrats for the well deserve win at Crystal Brush!!!
    And don't forget if you come to China to drop me a message!
    Shanghai est une très belle ville!

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    Bravo, Jeremie! Beautiful work, and a well deserved win at the Crystal Brush.

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    Congratulations on your win at Crystal Brush, JBT. That was some nice work.

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    f*cking s*it thats really blown away special. congrats, well deserved!
    ...keep talking
    Forever remains


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    Quote Originally Posted by bragon View Post
    Origen Miniature has just added a new pearl
    Thanks to your heads up on this Jeramie I spotted Origin at Salute and collared myself some of their goodies.

    Congratulations on the Crystal Brush, well deserved.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
    Oh look my IQ results came in:-
    , and proud of it.

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    Hi !
    Thanks for the so nice messags !
    Here are some pictures of the painted mini. I hop you’ll love it

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    That's crazy: never saw anything at that level in the miniature's world. A well deserved victory.

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    LOL...believe it or not, Jeremie said that the entry is not his best work. I was like...(jaw dropped). It was quite a treat to watch Jeremie brought the model to life

    He painted the model with six people staring at his shoulders, asking him question about color theories, free hand painting. Yes, this was the session where he painted the banner and the little picture. I never thought watching paint dry can be so interesting...I learned a lot during those 5 day class.

    Looking forward to the class next year.

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    Hello everybody,
    I spent around 200 hours on this mini, i am happy you like it

    First of all, we would like to apologise for the difficulties with our last newsletter but it was out of our hands. We think that we have solved the problem (thanks to David) and we’ll find out soon enough with this mailing

    This month there are no less than 25 new additions to the FIGONE catalogue.

    While there is space in the stock room (garage) and as long as people keep sculpting such magnificent figures I will keep adding these beauties to the shop.

    We start with the FIGONE range, with Christian Hardy’s sublime oriental princess called Lharm Shéod.

    Three other satiric miniatures join the catalogue.

    From now until the end of summer, we will be unveiling three more figures which have formed between his talented fingers. In the meantime, Allan Carrasco has had a go at a hippopotamus while Raul Latorre has been playing around with a potbellied knight.

    You’ll just have to wait and see...

    Mantis Miniatures is now part of our catalogue with 14 animal kits! At first I was getting them just for myself then I thought that others would like them too so I’ve stocked up from this Polish producer.

    Christian Hardy (yes, him again) has completed two pieces for Wonderlands Project. I’ve taken the opportunity to take on part of their catalogue so there are 5 new figures available from FIGONE.

    The FanFig webzine ( is looking for contributors! So, if you feel you have the soul of figurine artist supplemented with a little writer’s flair, get in touch.
    The next shipping dates will be 2 and 14 of may.

    (Current shipping dates can always be found on the FIGONE website)

    Soon we will be announcing another new arrival... Black Forest Miniature, currently being moulded with care.

    So, you think you know how to paint? If you do, come and share -

    Finally, the FIGONE website is seeking someone with Wordpress experience to help out in exchange for fresh resin...

    All this news and more is at

    Figurinistically yours,

    Subscribe the newsletter here

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    Hello mininauts !

    The two new FIGONE releases are now revealed!

    It's, firstly, Nathaliel, elfin dragon prince.

    This model, exquisitely sculpted by Christian Hardy, has multiple options: a large banner, a helmet, a shield, a sword... which you can combine in any way you want!

    A number of assembled examples are on the site.

    After Aahl, it's Haan who joins the ranks of the “humanimals” sculpted by Allan Carrasco.
    Using the first two, will you be able to guess the name of the next two?

    And then, we're proud to have a small exclusive: the FIRST model made by Greek sculptor Michael Kontraros. This “deluxe” line is offering a real gem, delivered in a metal box, with artwork, a base, and a tamed dragon on it...

    Finally, Antoniooh and Chismah are adding a nice Joker and friendly robots in the Skull Minis line.

    Concerning the news, three greens are being molded for FIGONE.
    We'll let you dream about what they look like by revealing only their names.

    The Gladiataur, Bill Tcherno, the Sapo Captain, and Trollus Lunae Bellicus.

    An Indigogo campaign is in the works, for a large beast (a very large one), based on artwork by Bertrand Benoit and sculpted by Allan Carrasco.

    Finally, the next shipping dates will be on September 18th and 27th, upon my return from the Berlin masterclass.

    If you want to know how the packages and envelopes are shipped from Figone... which also explains why I don't head to the post office every day, but every two weeks instead:


    Good painting to all!

    PS: If you're a webmaster OR VISUAL ARTIST and you'd like to give us a hand on multiple projects in exchange for FIGONE models, let me know – long live barter!

    PS: You can see this going on at our friend's place:

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    And a picture of what i did this summer
    CYCLING !!!!!

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    Awesome figures as always and love the picture - gymnastic, musician, artist cyclists! I am sure there is a circus act in there somewhere.


    My Gallery Here

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    Hi Bragon,

    Nathaliel is beautiful good sculpting work and painting, congratulations.
    Ah !! les meules foin, qu'est-ce j'ai pu faire l'andouille (j'ai eu de sacrée gamelles aussi) avec quand j'étais plus jeune !

    Kind regards

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    Tout ca pour glisser une phrase en Français
    je ferais pareil avec celle la tiens:

    Hello everybody,
    Following the last newsletter, after reading some comments on the internet and some suggestions via email, we have decided to make the elf Nathaliel available in a version without banner for €15. The version with banner remains at €25.
    How on earth didn’t we think of that ourselves? Well, thanks to you it’s done.
    So don’t hesitate to send us your ideas and suggestions. One of the good things about being alone at the wheel is that I only have myself to convince in order to alter course (although it’s not always plain sailing).
    So, a few more touches to Trollus and Gladiataure at this weekend’s figostage in Berlin then I can make a start on Captain Sapo ...

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