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    " – I have a long beard, goats legs, pointy, hairy ears.
    I have a pair of horns, clawed fingers.
    No, I am not a satyr, nor Dionysus.
    I am Trollus Lunae Bellicus.
    And I have a big axe to chop-chop.
    Bang! In your face! "

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    Quote Originally Posted by bragon View Post
    Tout ca pour glisser une phrase en Français
    je ferais pareil avec celle la tiens:

    Hello everybody,
    Following the last newsletter, after reading some comments on the internet and some suggestions via email, we have decided to make the elf Nathaliel available in a version without banner for €15. The version with banner remains at €25.
    How on earth didn’t we think of that ourselves? Well, thanks to you it’s done.
    So don’t hesitate to send us your ideas and suggestions. One of the good things about being alone at the wheel is that I only have myself to convince in order to alter course (although it’s not always plain sailing).
    So, a few more touches to Trollus and Gladiataure at this weekend’s figostage in Berlin then I can make a start on Captain Sapo ...
    Sorry for this french sentence, argh ! nether do it again

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    Good on yer, guys! I really hope CMON will stock some of these because the exchange rate always kills me when converting to Euros.. rassin' frassin' economics..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrispy View Post
    Good on yer, guys! I really hope CMON will stock some of these because the exchange rate always kills me when converting to Euros.. rassin' frassin' economics..
    Thanks a lot a pleasure and sending back to you your very interesting com'... Bye
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    I – Give Rocco a banner
    II – Gladiataur
    III – Misc
    Gone are the summer fesitvities which have kept us away from the heart of the cities, we're finally ready to restart our fall danse of releases for the heart, and of links for the head!
    I – Give Rocco a banner

    You've made the tracker explode overnight, and unlocked the two objectives three days later...
    Which means that from now on, all those who pitch in will get, in addition to Rocco, two 32mm miniatures which will be sculpted for the same price: 75 Euros!

    That's how it works on Indiegogo. When the objectives are met, presents are offered!

    The two models: Toxic Helmut and Carmina will be sculpted by Christian Hardy and Stéphane Camosseto:

    We can't do anything but thank you and offer a new stretch goal to be unlocked at 8,500 Euros: Rocco's banner.
    How far will we get? All bets are in!

    In the meantime, here are some WIP shots from Allan's studio:

    II – Gladiataur

    And it's not because the Rocco campaign is firing on all cylinders that the "normal" Figone calendar ought to be reduced. Which is why I'm introducing the new arrival in the catalog...
    Sculpted by Allan Carrasco and Christan Hardy

    With thanks to Yannick for the wonderful text that comes with it:

    « -"" - Grrrrr
    - - Oléééé !
    - - Rrrrrruuuuuhhhhh
    - - Oléééé !
    - - Ouummmphhh !!!!
    - - Ooooooolééé ! "
    Pow! Tching! Whouuusssshhhhh!!!!!
    " - Ouououououhhhh !!!!!!!

    III – Misc

    Also, I've got a small thing to ask you:
    As you can see, we've improved the look of the newsletter. Could you add this e-mail adress, with which I write you, in your contact lists so that the email filters don't wind up sucking what I send out to you?

    Finally, I'm looking for a webmaster who would have a few hours free, and who knows or would like to learn how to bootstrap simple things on Wordpress. In exchange for the help, I'll be sending a small package of FIGONE models...

    Buhbye, looking forward to catching up with you about the fabulous saga of "Rocco on Indiegogo",


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    Allan Carrasco gets the spotlight for the post-holidays FIGONE releases!
    Here's Capt’N Sapo, an already must-own “Allanesque” model...

    This version has been painted by the Marc Masclans, a young Spaniard, whose name you'll see many more times this year.
    This model will be the subject of a painting challenge which I'll let you know about soon...

    Text by Yannick Degiovanni:

    ”Captain Sapo leads the Sewerworker Brigade with his palmed hand.
    He's torn between the ambient darkness of the tubes and the greasy aroma of the machines which dot the small isolated rooms, like abandoned isles.
    The water leaks in the various underground tunnels, the diffuse light of the torches barely piercing the confined air.
    Only Team Frog is at ease in this element, like a tadpole in muck.
    On this Fall morning, captain Sapo, a wry smile on his lips, gathered his troops for a new fumes-clearing mission in the DesTop-12 zone.
    It'll be a gas!
    Available, as usual, on the FIGONE store.”

    If you’re curious, this picture explains why I dont show new projects since months
    Soon …
    You can also discover wich part of the world I ll cycle...

    See you soon, JerMs

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    Introducing The Sapo Challenge, featuring the latest bust sculpted by Allan Carrasco for Figone Miniatures.

    No sooner had we revealed the WIP pictures of this figure than some painters were already remarking on the creative potential of this bust which just cries out to be painted.

    The range of possibilities offered by this magnificent piece should allow us to build an impressive gallery of painted examples and compare the styles and creativity of those turning their brush to the model. We therefore decided to organise a little challenge!


    • Each participant should send one or two pictured of their painted miniature before midnight CET, 31 marsh 2014 to

    • Each picture will be displayed in the Figone Facebook gallery and the website.

    • Conversions are encouraged so don’t be shy

    • The entrants will be judged by Allan Carrasco himself

    So what’s in it for you?

    Well…how about Allan’s next miniature for Figone; that’s to say the rather large miniature ROCCO (you already seen on it on Indiegogo) for the winner?

    A number of other prizes will also be awarded depending on the number of participants.
    So what are you waiting for?

    Jérémie Bonamant Teboul & Allan Carrasco

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    Hi There,
    and greetings from germany.

    I want to say It`s great work!!

    Can anyone try to explain me more about the challenge?
    I understand much, but not all of it.

    - Can everyone participate?
    (I mean, user from all of the world?)

    - What I have to paint?
    (and Where I can order now?)

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    > - Can everyone participate?
    (I mean, user from all of the world?)

    Of course.
    People from other planets can take part to

    > - What I have to paint?
    (and Where I can order now?)

    You have to order "SAPO" on figone's website and send me the picture using the contact form on figone's website

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    Prescriptum : To avoid me being unceremoniously dumped in your spam box, please remember to add me to your contacts list.

    Hello everybody,

    The first piece of news is that STEPHANE CAMOSSETO will be giving a course on sculpting in Lyon, France on 24-25 May. If you don’t know who this maniac is then I suggest you go check out his work and judge for yourself

    It costs only €60 for both days and 10 places are available and there’s the chance of a place to stay overnight for those needing it.
    Reservations from

    Next up, Greg F who chose the “Troll” perk in the recent Indiegogo campaign has just finished his private painting lessons chez moi. On the program was ROCCO himself, which means that I got to finish painting the monster too.

    The Sapo Challenge Wants You!

    WIPs are appearing all over the forums & social networks. Here are a few with many more to follow :

    Jean Paul Dana’s version:

    Adrien Neumayer’s version:

    Matteo Fago Golfarelli’s version:

    John « megazord » Keys’s version:

    And you? Where’s yours? You have until midnight 31 March.
    More info here

    While we’re on, let me show you some new photos of Artbox painted by Marc Masclans

    And in the shop, two new pieces from Blackforest Miniature.
    As you can see, Olivier Bouchet has been busy and you can see his growing talent in these two pieces. I can’t show you the others just yet but they’re looking good.

    Troll Shaman
    Sculpture: Olivier Bouchet
    Painting: Marc Masclans
    20 euros

    Kurgan the Barbarian
    Sculpture: Olivier Bouchet
    Painting: Hadrien Leloup
    12 euros

    Unfortunately there was a broken link in January’s newsletter – here it is again to get you salivating over some exclusives coming soon to Figone.

    This summer the unmissable World Expo will be held in Stresa in north Italy, 11-13 July

    Many of the world’s finest figurinists will be there. Come along and see the best of recent works in the flesh along with many exclusives reserved for the competition.
    More info on the event’s site:

    In the meantime, here’s some eye candy from some exceptional artists:

    Back soon with more news,


    PS : Remember to sign up for my RSS feed and to follow us on Facebook

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    Here's a first selection of some of the nicest models from FIGONE and from other brands which can be found in the store, which I've seen floating online and in conventions.
    Other great paintjobs will soon follow.
    Find them in advance on our website:
    Here's a first set:


    CENTAURE : Raffaele « Picster » Picca

    BUSTE LION : Serges Loisy

    SLAINEGGER : Fabrizio Russo

    MAULG : Raffaele « Picster » Picca

    RHYMAISS : Jennifer Halley

    BUSTE LION : Jean-Jacques Delorme

    BUSTE AVALONIEN : Samuedio

    MINOTAURE : Fabrizio Russo

    AAHL : Vincent Bozzo

    CARLOS : Roman « Jarhead » Lappat

    ABYSSAL WARRIOR (Scale 75) : Lukasz Grzyb

    AIRTICIA : Marc Munières

    BUSTE AVALONIEN : Andrea Buratta

    ATHENA: Pariset Philippe

    MAULG : Mirko Cavalloni

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    The SAPO CHALLENGE is over!
    The winner will get a ROCCO!
    While waiting for Allan Carrasco to choose the pieces he likes best, pictures of the work done by the last entrants have been added.
    You can see the entries of all contestants in this gallery:

    Olivier Raoul

    Terry Cowell

    Mart Ślusarska

    Evelyne Henninot

    Oyvind Willumsen Hauga

    Antonin Delanoe

    Olivier HERBIET

    Mike "Shades" Schaefer

    Torlarp “Thor” Intararangson

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    BUSTE AVALONIEN : Jérôme Otremba

    DON HERNANDEZ : Richard Poisson

    VERDURRICHIO : Edouard Negre

    MAULG : Ben Komets
    CMON :

    RHYMAISS : Bren

    AIRTICIA : Yannick Degiovanni
    Site :
    CMON :

    BUSTE LION : Thierry Moulinet

    CARLOS : Martin « dread4mit » Gourmaz
    Site :

    BUSTE AVALONIEN : David Neild

    EINSTEIN : Fred « Minos” Bisseux

    BISHOP (Degra) : Trevis

    FURGOL : Julien Steux

    MINOTAURE : Guillume Emery

    CENTAURE : Roman « Jarhead » Lappat

    P&P :
    Site :
    CMON :

    MAULG : Roman « Jarhead » Lappat
    P&P :
    Site :
    CMON :

    FURGOL : Fix

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    Hello everybody!
    While awaiting the announcement of the winner of Rocco challenge, here is some Figone news:
    For starter a very nice visual of Bill Tcherno:
    The most observant one will recognize the inspiration taken from Raffaele Picca, who’s interpretation of “King Maulg” few years back was outstanding.
    In case you want to give a stab at drawing, here’s an excellent website I stumbled upon:
    Due to some parts cracking during the first casting of Carmina, the miniature give-away to Rocco’s buyers, the deliveries will be a bit delayed.
    I hope to be able to handle the shipping to all of you by the end of May!
    Little musical interlude if your heart is so inclined: a little montage of my duo with Nathalie ESCALE ORDINAIRE (MEdley Lyon 2014)

    And to en end this newsletter, I give you a selection of the best Figone pieces I happened to see circulating these past years.

    I am almost done with the dossier I am preparing



    JOHN KING : Marion Ball

    LA FIN DE LA BATAILLE (Origen Miniature): Martin «dread4mit» Gourmaz
    Site :


    MAULG : Fabrizio Russo

    MINOTAURE : Raffaele « Picster » Picca

    QUI LI QUIN: Davide Rapazzini

    RHYMAISS: Zach Lanier

    SLAINEGGER: Sylvie

    ABYSSAL WARRIOR (Scale 75): Max «Amon» Richiero :

    ABYSSAL WARRIOR (Scale 75): Iguazzu

    AIRTICIA : Cyri Amy

    ATHENA : Filoch


    BUSTE LION: Roman « Jarhead » Lappat

    CARLOS: Raffaele « Picster » Picca

    CENTAURE : Jonathan Schulz

    EINSTEIN: Florent

    JOHN KING : Zawisza Alvarez

    QUI LI QUIN: Max «Amon» Richiero :

    SLAINEGGER : Yannick Degiovanni
    Site :
    CMON :

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    Hello everyone!

    We're still filling out the reader's gallery.

    I still have a good hundred of models on my computer which need to be
    put online, so if yours isn't on the site yet, wait a bit, we'll be
    taking care of that gradually until this summer.

    Thanks again to Vincent and Arnaud for the time spent working on the
    site, and to all the painters who have put such amazing colors on the
    models which came out of our laboratory!

    May these ideas inspire you as much as they inspire me.

    Colored kisses,


    UNCLE MEAT : Przemyslaw Szymczyk

    REMUSSEN : Samuel Mester

    RHYMAISS : stephan HWS

    SIRENE : Bogno

    MINOTAURE : Chris Octive

    STEPHANO : Roman « Jarhead » Lappat
    P&P :
    Site :
    CMON :

    ORC : Sebastian Archer

    MAGE GRIS : Damien-Tomasina

    MAULG : Pariset Philippe

    BUSTE AVALONIEN : Peter Bell

    BUSTE LION : Roman « Jarhead » Lappat
    P&P :
    Site :
    CMON :

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    Hello everyone!

    First good news, 150 Rocco have just left the house!
    At a speed of 50 more per week, in 3 weeks everything will have been shipped. We've had a slight delay in production due to a piece which broke during casting, which Christian Hardy hurried to repair so as not to keep the future owners of this big beast waiting.
    Everyone will get as a gift 3 32mm models offered with Rocco, as all the objectives of the campaign have been met!

    All this will be available on the store in a few weeks.

    NOTE, I only have 10 copies left of the Great Modeling Book volume 1, 11 volume 2, and 14 volume 3.
    Then... OUT OF STOCK!
    So hurry if these tomes interest you.

    In the meantime, the IMBRIAN ART line is elbowing its way in.
    Check out the new releases on the storefront!

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    Hi !
    Here are the 2 versions of Rocco I did.
    I hope you like them
    Available on Figone’s website with some new stuff !

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    Hello everybody!
    They were expected! Here is the last series of novelties that are available in FIGONE before my biking trip.

    Sliders Helmutt:
    Sculpter: Stéphane Camosseto
    Painter: Jérémie Bonamant Teboul
    Illustrator: Yves Rahuel
    Price: 12€

    Sculpter: Christian Hardy
    Painter : Jérémie Bonamant Teboul
    Illustrator : Yves Rahuel
    Prix : 16 €

    Tahar Amha :
    Sculpter: Christian Hardy
    Painter: Jérémie Bonamant Teboul
    Illustrator : Yves Rahuel
    Price: 10€

    The departure for my biking trip across India is coming close. During the trip, the web-store will keep going thanks to Thierry who will mail your orders instead of me from September up until I come back. I would recommend you however to order very quickly these new shinnies if you are interested.


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    Hello everyone!

    World Expo is in sight!
    This summer, the UNMISSABLE World Expo will take place in Stresa, north of Italy, on July 11th to 13th 2014.
    Many of the best miniature painters of the world will be present. Come appreciate the best of what’s been done these past few years, plus all the exclusives that the best of the best keep up their sleeves for this contest.
    This takes place every three years, so don’t hesitate, if there’s only one convention to attend, it’s that one!
    All the info on the event’s site.
    For the occasion, FIGONE rolls out the red carpet – see for yourself!
    • Offers for only the weekend with TWO NEW RELEASES!!!! The next model by Allan is called “Kahar”. After Aahl and Haan, will you be able to guess the name of the fourth?
    • A super schedule of painting and sculpting by some great artists, as you can see:
    • And previews of releases for the next year!

    Bubaye, JerMS

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